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08/03/2011 by

Will Jennifer Aniston Make Smartwater Viral?

Some brands have shown an affinity for disobedience when it comes to viral marketing: forgetting that viral is just a mean, not the end. But using Jennifer Aniston in their new video to hunt for that viral effect, might refresh Glaceau’s Smartwater

YouTube Preview Image

In the video Jennifer says she agrees with launching a sextape, to create a viral effect. But unfortunately we do not see her showering in Smartwater.

Nevertheless, the clip already showed over 400,000 clip views in one day. If it continues to spread, the video might even hit this week’s Viral Friday?

Viral and social insiders will probably understand Smartwater’s over-the-top approach. And consumers, well the might simply want to see this video because of celeb Jennifer is in it?

Jen seems to be excited about the recent developments in the digital world that are revolutionizing the way brands can earn attention, increase their online SoV and aided brand awareness?

How do you rate this Smartwater video? And how many clip views do you think this video will generate in 90 days? I think a lot.


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