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09/05/2013 by

50 Photo/Video Crazes That Swept The Web Since Planking

In 2011 the photo fad planking (also known as the Lying Down Game) took the world by storm. Shortly after planking went viral, many variations of planking arose and many claimed to be the “new planking”. Also various video fads sprung up, from funny video memes like goating and cone-ing to somewhat more dangerous ones like the Knife Game Song and the Condom Challenge.


You might have lost track of all the variations that have sprung up since planking, so we created an overview in chronological order for you of the 50 most popular and lesser-known photo and video fads from around the world (from Australia, Belgium, China, Korea to The Netherlands, Austria and The United States).

Photo fads often end with the “-ing” suffix after planking. Video fads often are music related or come in the form of a challenge, like the Cup Song or the Cinnamon Challenge. How many do you know or didn’t know? Share it with us in the comments.

Some photo and video fads that didn’t make it to the list: spacing or astronautting, gallon smashing, falling, cuppinghuman centipede, ostriching, trashcanningtotting, sandmapping, porting, kringling, shamrockingIkeaing, Faith Hilling and Taylor Swifting.

Teapotting (photo fad)


Teapotting refers to the act of bending the arms into the shape of a teapot, in reference to the children’s song “I’m a Little Teapot”. Popular in May 2011. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. The Age and the Herald Sun. More examples: see Know Your Meme and Facebook.

Pillaring (photo fad)


Pillaring refers to the act of standing so straight with no movement while raising your neck. Popular in May 2011. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. and More examples: see Facebook.

Balling (photo fad)


Balling refers to the act of wrapping oneself up in a ball. Popular in May 2011. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Business Insider and The Sydney Morning Herald. More examples: see Perez Hilton.

Cone-ing (video fad)

Cone-ing refers to the act of buying an ice cream cone through a drive-through, grabbing it by the ice cream itself and not the cone. Popular in June 2011. On July 29th, Justin Bieber tweeted a video of himself going cone-ing, which resulted in 24,000 retweets. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Tosh.0. and Business Insider  More examples: see Know Your Meme and Facebook.

Owling (photo fad)


Owling refers to the act of sitting in a perched position while looking off into the distance as to mimic the posture of an owl. Popular in July 2011. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. The Washington Post and The Daily Mail. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Leisure diving (photo fad)


Leisure Diving refers to the act of jumping into water, usually a swimming pool, and striking a “leisure pose” in mid-air for the picture-taking. Popular in July 2011. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. The Washington Post and The FW. More examples: see Know Your Meme and

Horsemaning (photo fad)


Horsemaning (or horsemanning) refers to the act of laying on one’s back on a flat surface with the head hidden over the edge while another person hides behind the same object, only leaving the head exposed in the picture. Popular in August 2011. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o Buzzfeed and The Daily Mail. More examples: see Know Your MemeFacebook and

Stocking (photo fad)


Stocking refers to the act of recreating a stock photo from image services like istockphoto and/or Getty Images and posting it side by side. Popular in August 2011. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Tosh.0 and CBS News. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Towering (photo fad)


Towering refers to the act of being “caught doing it” out in public on a tower or tall building. Popular in August 2011, after the mayor of Aalst in Belgium, got caught on tape in a very private moment on a public tower while on holiday. Dubbed as the new planking by More examples: see Facebook and

Post-it Wars (photo fad)


Post-it Wars refers to the act of using sticky Post-it notes to create murals, that look pixelated from a distance, in the office or on the office windows. Popular in August 2011. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Batmanning (photo fad)


Batmanning refers to the act of people hanging upside down by their feet from any surface that will hold them. Popular in September 2011. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. The Daily Mail and More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Razorbombing (photo fad)


Razorbombing refers to the act of taking a photo with a (Schick) razor in the foreground to create a visual pun. Popular in September 2011. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Buzzfeed and Mashable. More examples: see The Sun.

Money Facing (photo fad)


Money facing refers to the act of placing a creased banknote in front of one’s face and taking a profile picture. Popular in October 2011 (resurgence). Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Uproxx. More examples: see Know Your Meme. In the past a similar photo fad, Sleeveface, surfaced, that involved record sleeves.

Scarlett Johanssoning (photo fad)


Scarlett Johanssoning refers to the act of taking a near-nude picture of yourself while posing like a leaked Scarlett Johansson picture with a bare derriere in a mirror. Popular in September 2011. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. The Sun and Anything Hollywood. More examples: and (both NSFW).

Tebowing (photo fad)


Tebowing refers to the act of  getting down on one knee, placing one’s elbow on the knee and fist against the forehead, similar to a prayer or Thinker’s pose (named after American football quarterback Tim Tebow). Popular in October 2011. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. The Daily Mail and Yahoo! Sports. More examples: see Know Your Meme or Other football related memes: Kaepernicking, Bradying, Gronking, GriffeningTe’oing.

The Sneaky Hat (photo fad)


The Sneaky Hat refers to the act of taking a photo while holding only a hat over one’s bare breasts or genitalia. Popular in November 2011, followed later in January 2013 by a similar internet craze “Posing naked in the snow“. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Milking (photo fad)


Milking refers to the act of standing in a public space and pouring a bottle of milk over one’s own head. Popular in November 2011. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. The Huffington Post and More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Lion King-ing (photo fad)

lion king-ing

Lion King-ing refers to the act of recreating the famous Lion King scene: lifting a small animal or child into the air and singing the circle of life. Popular in January 2012. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. The Daily Mail. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Cat Breading (photo fad)


Cat Breading refers to the act of putting a piece of bread over the cat’s head to give it a lion-like mane. Popular in February 2012. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Gawker and The Daily Mail. More examples: see Know Your Meme and Featured in a South Park episode.

The Cinnamon Challenge (video fad)

YouTube Preview ImageThe Cinnamon Challenge refers to the act of swallowing a spoonful of ground cinnamon in under 60 seconds without drinking anything. Popular in February 2012. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Yarn Bombing (photo fad)


Yarn Bombing (also known as knit bombing or guerrilla knitting) refers to the act of street art, where knitters and crocheters put swatches of knit or crocheted yarn on public objects. Popular in June 2011 and peaking in March 2012. More examples: see and

Draping (photo fad)


Draping refers to the act of sitting with the back facing the camera and the right arm draped over the object the subject is sitting on, named after Mad Man’s Don Draper.  Popular in March 2012. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Daily Mail and International Business Times. More examples: see Know Your Meme and

Angelina Jolie’ing (photo fad)


Angelina Jolie’ing  refers to the act of imitating Angelina Jolie’s pose with her right leg at the 2012 Oscar Awards. Popular in March 2012. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Brekend. More examples: see Know Your Meme and Angelina Jolie’ing Tumblr.

Hangmatting (photo fad)


Hangmatting refers to the act of resembling a hangmat in every conceivable location. Popular in April 2012. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. and Izismile. More examples: see

Prince Harry’s Naked Army (photo fad)


Prince Harry’s Naked Army refers to the act of stripping naked or to their underwear and offering a military-style salute in support of British Prince Harry of Wales. Popular in August 2012. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Eastwooding (photo fad)


Eastwooding refers to the act of of speaking to an empty chair. Made famous by Clint Eastwood, speaking to an invisible President Obama in an empty chair at the 2012 Republican National Convention. Popular in September 2012. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Mashable and Ryan Seacrest. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Dog shaming (photo fad)


Dog shaming refers to the act of taking photos of animals with hand written signs describing negative acts these pets have committed. Popular in September 2012. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Uproxx and Echoes. More examples: see Know Your Meme and

The Perfect split (photo fad)


The perfect split refers to the act of doing a perfect split while performing other daily tasks. Popular in October 2012. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. The Daily Mail and Huffington Post. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Herminating (photo fad)


Herminating refers to the act of copying the ski racing position of former world champion alpine ski racer Hermann Maier. Popular in October 2012. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. and Media Workout. More examples: see Herminating on Facebook.

Horse Riding Dance (video fad)

YouTube Preview ImageThe Gangnam Style dance refers to a dance craze in which the subject pretends to ride a horse, alternately holding the reins and spinning a lasso, and moving into a legs-shuffling side gallop. Popular in October 2012. The Gangnam Style dance moves were attempted by notable political leaders such as David Cameron, Barack Obama, and Ban Ki-Moon. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Shootering/Army Aircraft carrier style – 航母style (photo fad)


Shootering or Army Aircraft carrier style  refers to the act of mimicking the hand gesture used by Chinese flight deck officers to signal the release of fighter jets onboard.  Popular in November/December 2012. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. International Business TimesChina Realtime and The Daily Mail. More examples: see Know Your Meme and Offbeat China.

Pacquiaoing (photo fad)


Pacquiaoing refers to the act of falling forward and losing consciousness. Popular in December 2012. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Break and More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Baguetting (photo fad)


Baguetteing refers to the act of creatively posing with baguettes in everyday life. Popular in January 2013. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. The Daily Mail. More examples: see

Thibauting (photo fad)


Thibauting refers to the act of emulating a classic Thibaut Courtois goalkeeping save in any random location. Popular in January 2013. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. and and covered by the Daily Mail. More examples: see Thibauting on Facebook and

Goating (video fad)

YouTube Preview Image Goating refers to the act of inserting goat bleats into edited music videos of popular artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Adele and Nicki Minaj. Popular in February 2013. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. NineMSN. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Harlem Shake (video fad)

YouTube Preview ImageHarlem Shake refers to a dance craze in which usually one person dances to the Baauer song alone for 15 seconds. When the bass drops the video cuts to the entire crowd doing a crazy convulsive dance for another 15 seconds. Popular in February 2013. In just 40 days, the thousands of Harlem Shake videos reached 1 billion views on YouTube.

Kamehameha or Hadouken (photo fad)


Kamehameha or Hadouken refers to the act of  imitating midair fight movies from the video game Street Fighter and/or manga series Dragon Ball  in real life. Popular in March 2013. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Wikitrend and Fadshow. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

The Knife Game Song (video fad)

YouTube Preview ImageThe Knife Game, sometimes known as Five Finger Fillet, is a video challenge that involves placing one’s palm face down on a flat surface and attempting to stab a blade between the fingers without hitting them. Popular in March 2013. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Dufnering (photo fad)


Dufnering refers to the act of slouching against a wall while appearing dazed or exhausted, like American golfer Jason Dufner.  Popular in March/April 2013. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Joe.ieGolficity and Guardian. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Vadering (photo fad)


Vadering  refers to the act of recreating the Star Wars scene in which Darth Vader uses the Force to grab an opposing character in a choke hold. Popular in April 2013. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. and Yahoo!. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

The Condom Challenge  (video fad)

YouTube Preview ImageThe condom challenge refers to the act of inserting a condom into one’s nostril and snorting it back through the throat to be coughed out of the mouth. Popular in April 2013. More examples: see Know Your Meme and The Huffington Post.

Quidditching/Pottering (photo fad)


Quidditching or Pottering refers to the act of leaping in the air with a broomstick tucked in between the legs in reference to Quidditch, a fictional competitive sport prominently featured in the Harry Potter universe. Popular in April 2013. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. Daily Mail, 9Gag and More examples: see Know Your Meme and NY Daily news.

The Gwiyomi Player (video fad)

YouTube Preview ImageThe Gwiyomi Player refers to the act of performing a repertoire of cute hand gestures to the Gwiyomi Song, or Kwiyomi Song by South Korean singer Hari. Popular in April 2013. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Baby Mugging (photo fad)


Baby mugging refers to the act of creating an optical illusion of forced perspective to make a baby appear as if he or she is peeking out of a ceramic mug, when in reality, the model is sitting or standing behind it. Popular in April 2013. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

The Cup Song (video fad)

YouTube Preview ImageThe Cup Song refers to the act of clapping and beating rhythmically with a plastic cup, while singing the song “When I’m Gone” by the band Lulu and the Lampshades. Popular in April 2013 (resurgence), thanks to Anna Kendrick’s new video. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

Dogs Wearing Pantyhose (photo fad)


狗狗穿丝袜 (or “Gou Gou Chuan Siwa”) refers to the act of dressing up one or more dogs in a black sheer pantyhose. Occasionally extra accessories like slippers, high heels or Uggs are added. Popular in April 2013. Dubbed as the new planking by a.o. 99.9 KEKB FM and mentioned by the Mail Online. More examples: see Know Your Meme.

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