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21/06/2013 by

A Guide To Creating Awesome Blog Titles

Creating awesome blog titles has helped getting our blog LogMyCalls a fair amount of attention. We received a few awards and is being read by 900% more people than it was just a few months ago.

A Guide To Creating Awesome Blog Titles

The other day I received an email from a reader that asked a very simple question: how do you come up with good blog titles?

Here is the answer to that question.

Creating Awesome Blog Titles

First it is critical to understand that no one cares about you. No one. People care about themselves.

A Guide To Creating Awesome Blog Titles

Ultimately, every marketer, every business, and every employee only cares about their story. They want information that will help them. They don’t care about your story. They don’t care about preaching.

They care about information that will help them make more money, do their job better, live their life happier, and have more joy.

Think about that when you write blogs.

If you want people to read your blog, you need to write about them. Specifically you need to write about their fears, their risks, and their problems. You also need to give them tips, tricks and secrets to success.

You should occasionally use these words in the titles of your blogs, and ALWAYS write to these themes.

Above all, the content must be useful and valuable for your readers. Think about it this way: would ‘I’ read this blog?

If you would want to read a specific blog, it is likely that someone else would want to read it too.

Focus on titles that have the following characteristics, and you’ll have some pretty compelling content.


Your target market has fears. Our clients, for example, fear an inability to prove ROI to their clients or to their boss.

Fears: A Guide To Creating Awesome Blog Titles

They need to be able to attribute leads and customers. They need to know where their calls are coming from.

What does your target market fear?

You should write about this fear in your blogs. Maybe your clients fear going to jail (legal clients) or having dirty teeth (dental patients) or losing page rank (SEO firms) etc. etc. etc.

Every target market has fears.

Write about the fears of your target market. Write about the things that keep them up at night.


Your target market hates risk. They seek to minimize risk. That’s human nature.

Fears: A Guide To Creating Awesome Blog Titles

So, here’s the simple question, how can your expertise/product/service help them minimize risk?

Write about that.

Everyone wants to feel more secure in their job, their property, their happiness, their family, their life. They want to minimize risk. Write content that helps them minimize their risk.

An example of an article we wrote to minimize risk is this blog about email marketing. No one wants to risk being a wuss.


What problems does your target market have? Are their budgets small? Are they hot? Are they cold? Are they worried? What are they worried about?

Crossing out problems and writing solutions

What are their problems?

Your content should focus on solving their problems. For example, this specific blog is designed to solve your content marketing and blogging problems. Our target market is you: marketers.

We talk to marketers every day and we routinely hear that they are concerned about creating content. They (you) don’t know what to write about.

That’s a problem for you.

This blog is designed to help you solve that problem.

Tips, Tricks, Secrets and How To

Any blog that has specific How-To tips will inspire readership. Humans want a specific action plan for the problems we face. We want to know how to do something.

If the reader believes that they can learn how to do something quickly/solve a problem quickly/minimize risk quickly, they will read your blog.

An example of a How To blog is this one we wrote last week: How To Convince Your Boss to Invest in Call Tracking.


List – Numbered lists are great. Blogs with a numbered list in the title are our most read blogs. Period.


Because numbered lists have a defined length. If I start reading a Top 5 Ways to ….. I know that the article isn’t going to be very long. It won’t take me 30 minutes to read. I know there is a finite length before I begin.

Additionally, I know that I will likely get a step-by-step procedure to solving a problem.

A Caveat

At the start of this blog we said that no one cares about your business, they only care about their business. They only care about themselves.

That’s true.

BUT…you can share stories about yourself that help your readers (your target market).

For example, our last article on ViralBlog was the 150 Blogs in 50 Days case study. This was about us. But, the lessons taught therein could be applied to any company. Plus it had hard data and hard research.

What About You?
What do you do to make your blog titles awesome? I would love to read your ideas in the comments below.

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About the author
McKay Allen is the Content Manager at LogMyCalls. He is a sought after presenter and writer, appearing at events like the Social Media Strategies Summit and SMX. His expertise is routinely featured on and on marketing sites across the web.


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