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05/08/2014 by

Watch Fans Dismantle Bremont Storytelling In Blogosphere

Watch brand Bremont from London claimed a compelling storytelling about the launch of an ‘in-house’ created watch. But watch fans in the blogosphere dismantled their story.

Watch Fans Dismantle Bremont Storytelling In Blogosphere. Story by pro speaker Igor Beuker

Smart brands create products driven by big-data and the social world.

Bremont however discovered a tough lesson in the blogosphere: Authenticity is key for bloggers.

Discover the insights here.

Watch Fans Dismantle Bremont’s Storytelling

While we almost have forgotten that foundation of social media and social networks are blogs and forums, watch brand Bremont will certainly remember the blogosphere.

Watch Fans Dismantle Bremont Storytelling In Blogosphere

What happened?

Bremont claimed to have created an in-house watch called the Wright Flyer, a limited edition containing a fragment of the world’s first airplane.

The namesake aircraft, the Wright Flyer, made the world’s first powered flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in December 1903.

It was built by brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright, who (respectively) piloted and steadied the aircraft during the initial 12 second flight.

Watch lover Hodinkee wrote a cool story about the Bremont Wright Flyer on his blog.

However, a few of his loyal readers explained in the comments why the Wright Flyer was not an in-house created clock.

Bremont’s Video Response

So Hodinkee reached out to Bremont. This is how Bremont co-founder Nick English responded to questions about their new movement:

We think the message from Bremont is pretty clear, right?

Thanks Hodinkee! Great blog you have. And I am a watch freak.

My Opinion

I guess Bremont underestimated the era we live in. Fans and bloggers have a true passion for their topic.

And authenticity should be key in any brand’s storytelling. Internet and social media do make the world fully transparent.

Smart CMOs create products driven by open innovation, big-data and the social world.

Smart CMOs also think about including blogs in their social channel strategy. A branded blog or other passionate blogs. There’s more than social networks!

And brands that are making up stories? That could severely damage your brand.

Welcome to the era of collaborative ecosystems, NOT egosystems.

The networked economy. Together, not led by greed. Or evil.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker is pro speaker, author & awakener. Valued as one of the leading independent and outspoken voices on emerging trends in marketing, media and disruptive innovations. Book Igor Beuker as keynote speaker or invite him to be the leading independent voice on your show, newspaper or magazine.


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