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03/11/2008 by

3 Tips To Get You Viral On Twitter

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet… if you have a blog, then you have a Twitter. It goes hand in hand. There are so many posts out there teaching you how to make your Blog go viral, but how do you make your Twitter go viral? If you look at the top followed people on Twitter, you’ll notice that they are followed for reasons outside of Twitter. For example, Kevin Rose is the founder of Digg, so many people follow him just because of his popularity with Digg.

Eric Twitters too!
Photo by purplelime

The best way to get more followers on Twitter is to go to events, promote your personal brand, and become known for your thought leadership on a topic. But how do you get followers without being super well known already? Well, I’m glad you asked.  Here are 3 great sites and apps that will give you a whole arsenal to make your Tweets go viral!

1. Twitter Search

Twitter search searches the entire Twitter database for Tweets that match your search. For example, my blog is about personal development, so I can search for the key term “personal development” and find everyone on Twitter who has recently Tweeted that keyword. Once I find the person, I will @ message them to start a conversation.

2. Tweet Beep

Tweet Beep is Google Alerts for Twitter. I can track any keywords that I want and I will be instantly emailed anytime someone Tweets these keywords. Following our example, I’m tracking the keyword “personal development.” Anytime someone Tweets that keyword, I instantly get an email with the message and the user who wrote it. I then @ reply the user and try to generate a conversation.

3. Twhirl

Twhirl is a Twitter client for your laptop so that you can easily keep track of everything that is going on on Twitter without having to be actively logged onto the site. The application is very useful, and allows me to easily message, reply, link, or pretty much do anything else that you can do on Twitter. If you want to go viral on Twitter, you NEED this app on your laptop.

These three sites are a great starting point in your Twitter domination. Now go out there and start getting followers!


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