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19/10/2011 by

How Brands Treat Their Facebook Fans?

If a brand is the largest and most important asset of a company, then why would 95% of all Facebook wall posts not be answered by brands? Do brands use interns or inexperienced agencies to manage their social communities?

We do hope some CMOs will look at above 4 C’s of Community. And hopefully they will understand that having a large fan base on Facebook is not only to brag about on the golf course. How brands treat their fans of Facebook is a reflection of the company’s DNA and soul.

A recent study from Socialbakers tells us that only 5% of wall posts on brand pages ever receive answers. Telecommunications and airline sectors had the highest rates of answered wall posts, but even those were woefully low, at 26 percent and 28 percent, respectively.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the media industry seems to ignore the “media” in social media, responding to just 1% of wall posts, and the automotive industry has stalled on this front, as well, at around 2.5%.

We believe that a wow brand experience starts with a response rate to wall posts should at around 75%. A mark not even remotely approached by brands.

Brands should understand that a CRM driven approach is needed to create loyal fans that will turn into brand ambassadors and advocates eventually.

A wow brand experience in social media starts with managing your community. Moderate your social pages. Release compelling content and copy frequently. Ask questions. Answer questions. Brands should behave social in a social environment.

That starts with having the right heart, soul and DNA. And by hiring a great engagement strategist and community manager.

60 insights from experienced community managers in an interesting ebook can be found here. I suggest your read it and match the outcome with the DNA of your current organization.

My Opinion?
Please be aware that your brand is your largest asset. And that ignoring fans and potential advocates is not really social.

Think beyond campaigns if you start a Facebook page and understand you are performing a CRM program with people that have high expectations if you tap into their social space.

Great community management, by very experienced community managers would be a great start. If you think your brand can be managed by an intern or inexperienced agency: think again. If you don’t believe me: your fans will tell you probably soon.

The best advise to brands when tapping into the social space? ALF! Always Listen First. Next: do respond to the questions of your fans.

Don’t ignore them because you are to busy bragging about your products. That is the one way approach, caused by TV, that has blinded us for over 60 years.

Social engagement and community management is about sharing campfire stories, about life, cultures, ideas, events, great content, personal details, and other likes of tribes.

And yes, products every now and then as well. But only the great or really bad products get talked about. Products are not always the epic center in social media spaces.

What About You?
Readers, how you often have you been frustrated by ignored wall posts on Facebook brand pages? Any great examples to share too?

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