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23/05/2011 by

Creating Value With Word Of Mouth Marketing

As Oscar Wilde once stated; “there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about!”

Creating value through Word of Mouth… a couple of steps.

Happy Gilmore
A happy customer is a loyal customer, a happy customer is a returning customer, a happy customer is a forgiving customer and guess; a happy customer is a talking customer. Bottom line; deliver happiness!

Social is free, earn attention and recommendation
Actually, it can be quite easy. If you deliver the service, quality and attention your customers deserve they will endorse you in any way they can. Creating this movement can be done through the social web.

They only thing you have to do is facilitate them in their communication platforms and provide them with compelling content.

Always improve your brands and products
Or else you will not fuel the social movement nor will our beloved consumers talk about you! This also means that you have to focus on your ethics, putting your brand on the social market space also means that people converse with you as a person.

However more bluntly and they’ll direct their energy to you brands and products.

Who do you think you are?
Marketing executives who are creating ads that have to convince their target audience what they are, can come out cheated  But your brand is actually what your customers say it is or how they experience your brand.

Ads do not create a movement, power it through the social web. The goods thing is, if they perceive it in a bad way, they will talk about it. Giving you a great opportunity to fix the roof!

Content is key
if your content is not compelling, it is not worth talking about. This makes this one of your main assets in the journey to becoming a love brand. Check out this article. So pay attention and make the story on your company a good one!!

HR benefits
Think about this one; we all know our personnel is extremely valuable. So in that respect it is more fun working for a company that people want to talk about. This will help you in attracting, retaining and engaging your personnel.

Said once before; transform your business towards a model that is more content-driven, engaged and focused on consumer dialogue.


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