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16/06/2011 by

Activia Brazil: Rhythm In The Pot

Activia Brazil is running a swinging campaign called Rhythm in the pot, using facebook in a very clever and entertaining way. How do you create brand interactions with a yogurt that helps regulate the digestive system?

Activia, is a brand of probiotic dairy products owned by Danone (known as Dannon in the United States). Their yogurt helps to regulate the digestive system.

But the brand has difficulty in interacting with its consumers, because “going to the toilet” is not a subject people like to talk about.

Well okay, some male football players seem to be proud of their digestive activities in the locker-room, but for normal consumers it can be a tricky topic to interact on in public indeed. Or is this a different facebook privacy discussion…

Instead of “regulating your intestines”, Activia’s campaign invited people to “put their lives in rhythm”. Literally.

Wunderman Brazil invited three musicians to create music, live and improvised, from inside an Activia pot on Facebook. The inspiration for the songs? The Facebook timeline of the consumers themselves.

Almost 1,000 people had their social profiles put into rhythm. Their song videos reached 200,000 people on Facebook and over 4 million throughout internet.

Curious to see how you liked it?


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