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01/02/2011 by

Facebook-Airplane Bingo!

All right, everybody who has planned a flight during February and is connected to Facebook, attention please!

Gogo Inflight Internet has something brilliant for all of you. Airplane travelers have a awesome opportunity, right in their hands. Facebook, Airplane, what could it be?

Well, as a new marketing promotion Gogo Inflight enables all Facebook addicts, if they may be addressed that way, with a free internet connection during their flight. Free when you go on Facebook that is. With this promotion the company plans to attract more people to use their in-flight internet connection.

So is your Airliner listed below, congrats, you have free Facebook during your flight!

  • Air Tran Airways
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines, Delta
  • United Airlines
  • U.S. Airways
  • Virgin America

Of course there are some heavy users who need more than ‘their’ Facebook. People for who  a cocktail of social media is nothing more than a morning routine. That’s okay, the company foresees in these needs. Only for an additional $4.95, depending on the flight duration, a full internet experience is  realized.

All together this promotion could take off massively. The company makes smart use of the almost grotesque popularity of Facebook. And as probably everybody knows, ‘Facebooking’ is so tempting to use during the dull moments in life, so imagine some airtime from coast to coast.. Additionally, going from Facebook to another ‘oh-I-might-check-that-one-too-website’ is an easy step to take.

Nevertheless, with having more or less 40 different Airliners in the US airspace generating thousands of flights per month, this offer has a bit of Bingo in it, with the mentioned Airliners as winning numbers.

Will this kind of promotion lift the use of internet during (your) flights? Would you want to have an internet connection in an airplane anyway? Or are these environments our precious moments and excellent excuses for not being in reach?

Let us know what you think!


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