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17/03/2013 by

How To Get More Facebook Shares For Your Content

For all brands that are active on Facebook, one of the most important metrics is how much is their content shared. All the Facebook likes, comments and Facebook shares of every post helps boost its visibility in the news feed of a fans and friends of fans.

How To Get More Facebook Shares For Your Content

Of course, there is also the option to help the post reach more users by sponsoring it, but the organic and viral views for a post say much more about it’s quality. So, how to get more Facebook shares?

There are many guides and advices how to approach content creation for Social Media and of course the content has to differ per channel. What works best for Twitter does not have to have the same impact on Facebook.

Here’s a checklist of 12 ideas how to get more Facebook shares for your content and what to focus at when creating and later on publishing the Facebook post:

Be Consistent

Every brand should determine how often to post – for some it’s enough to post and update once a day, others should post twice or even three times a day. Of course there’s a thin line between spamming your Facebook fans and providing great info, so test what works best. Also, with the consistency of the posts you build a top of minds with your fans.


Time It Right

Analyze how many interactions a post gets when published in the morning, early afternoon and in the evening. This naturally connects to the type of business you’re doing and the target audience – when to connect with them.


Eye-catching Images

People are visual beings and a great image can tell more than thousand words. And as it’s already proved that images works the best on Facebook, I think it’s still important to stress this fact out.


Keep It Short

Everyone is busy nowadays and even though more and more people can connect on the go, no one has really time to read long status updates and descriptions. The idea is to catch users’ attention, right?


Be Relevant

Provide relevant information that is related to the page and brand. The fans are fans because of the service/product, so that’s what they probably expect to read about.


Include A Call To Action

Don’t be shy and ask the fans directly or indirectly to like, comment or share the post.


Be Creative (with Apps)

Engage with users through Facebook apps, they can be even simple ones like polls, small promotions, surveys, etc. – people like to play so be creative.


Include A Sense Of Urgency

A good idea to include interesting tips and tricks that fans can use immediately, also don’t be scared to ask for quick sharing of a post – if you have a contest and the more likes/shares/comments a post gets, more info about the contest would be revealed.


Offer Added Value

When creating a post (or a content calendar), ask if the information you’d want to post has added value for your fans.


Entertain users

Create posts that are positive and people will smile or laugh as these have higher chance to be shared – laughter and smiles are contagious and people like share funny stuff.



Hand in hand with added value comes education. If users have frequent questions or you introduced a new product/service, tell them “how to”.


Be Seasonable

Create tailored content related to holidays, memorable days, important events and season. The next step from here is a real-time marketing.


All these and some more key learnings on how to generate more Facebook shares are also nicely summed-up in the below infographic created by Short Stack for .

How To Get More Facebook Shares

How To Get More Facebook Shares (Infographic)

What About You?
What works best for your Facebook posts and how do you approach Facebook shares, likes and comments metrics? Which is the most important for you?  I’d love to read your ideas in the comments below.

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