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17/06/2009 by

Sasquatch Music Festival 2009 Dance Mob?

Our editorial team feels we should focus at the more serious and relevant side of brand marketing. But if you guys keep stalking me to post this video, who am I not to observe and listen? A guy starts to dance crazy at Sasquatch and soon he creates a dancing mob…

Let me try to make it relevant to brand marketers and companies. You probably have seen the T-Mobile Mob or the MC Hammer Mob (#4 in last week’s Viral Friday)

If you go back to the basic lessons of psychology and sociology, you will understand why most people can’t resist being part of a compelling movement of peers…

We feel the need to share our passion and expression with a group of likeminded people. In a bad way, the same principle applies to hooligans at football games: they just want to be part, no matter the consequences.

This old principle is the basis for flash mobs and guerrilla campaigns that are more and more ignited by brands and entertainment companies. You can easily organize and plan them through social networks like Facebook or social sites like Twitter.

These social sites have also been used by protesters in China and now in Iran. They communicate and plan with the speed of light, and before you have even blinked your eyes, the flash mob has started and is gone with the wind again.

If you put a video camera on a compelling flash mob, you can seed and distribute that video content through social networks, communities, blogs and video sharing portals. If they video is unique, entertaining or compelling it might become a viral weapon of mass affection and spread around the globe fast.

Above video earned massive attention in just a few weeks and across many social sites this video realized over 1,5 Million views since May 26 2009. Sorry, we do not only count the YouTube videos, there are more video sharing sites across the globe…


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