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07/08/2013 by

32 Great Mobile Facts: Don’t Need Mobile? You’re Nuts

Do you think about mobile marketing when creating a campaign? And I don’t mean only sending SMS.

Mobile Marketing: 32 Mobile Marketing Facts

If you don’t, think twice and have a look at these great 32 mobile facts that have to persuade you that mobile marketing is a must.

Mobile is already here, it’s booming and it will become even bigger over the next few years. The rising penetration of smart-phones, the urge and need to be always on-line makes mobile marketing a great opportunity.

However, even though the potential of mobile advertising is well known, the budgets invested in this media are far behind.

Consumers are used to the devices, these have become an integral part of our everyday lives. We have our smart-phones with us almost 24/7, leaving it alone rarely. And next step, already on the way, are wearable gadgets.

And let’s not forget the great potential of targeting, either based on location or traditional gender/income/interests, making sure the right message is delivered in the right time to the right prospect.

Looking at all these above, I still wonder why mobile advertising isn’t booming yet. Hope these 32 mobile facts, neatly put together by, will reach the right people and change their point of view on mobile marketing.

My top ones that should convince you not to forget mobile in your next campaign:

  • 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop
  • over 75% of mobile device users respond to mobile-optimized sites when making a purchase
  • 95% of mobile users use their devices for local search


Mobile Facts: Don’t Need Mobile? You’re Nuts

Mobile Marketing and mobile facts Infographic

And if you’re still having your doubts, go ahead and have a look at my previous post on mobile marketing and its importance: Why Mobile Marketing Should Be Integrated In Every Campaign.

What About You?
Which of these mobile facts are most surprising to you? How do you or your agency approach mobile campaigns? Is it always part of the campaign as a must or plays a less important role?  I’d love to read your ideas in the comments below.

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