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19/10/2007 by

Dilemma: Apple iPhone Or Google gPhone?

Since a few months a flash my iPhone to anybody that wants to see it. To be honest, I also ‘spam flash’ my iPhone to people that didn’t even give me permission to be exposed to it!

Although GPRS is slow, and the US iPhone is not suited for Europe yet, it’s a great contact alibi and it brings great storytelling to many tables. I also bought it since I like Steve Jobs passion for his iPhone.


But if you had to chose. Would you buy the Apple iPhone or the ‘new’ Google gPhone? Because the San Francisco Bay Area is buzzing about this new Google gPhone. I think suddenly flashing your gPhone would be great storytelling too! But sorry guys, the gPhone is science finction. But Sergey Brin tells us that Google launches it’s open source platform Android for mobile phones.

But both the iPhone and the fictional gPhone gave me thoughts. These kind of products are so buzz worthy and viral. If you need loads of advertising budget to get your products across, isn’t something totally wrong about your product?

Isn’t advertising putting lipstick on a pig? So marketers around the globe: no matter how much lipstick you will put on your pig, it will remain just another pig, right?

Maybe marketers should put product marketing back at the top of their marketing value chains again? That would protect consumers from a lot of your irrelevant and interruptive TV commercials. Try to be more innovative in your product marketing, and consumers will massively buy your compelling products. And tell their friends about being a customer!


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Igor Beuker

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