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02/12/2012 by

Facebook Job App And Small Businesses

Once again social network Facebook has added a new feature to its platform; Jobs, aimed to improve the experience of its 1 billion users.

Facebook Job App And Small Businesses

It seems as though Facebook has been coming out with many new features lately; the timeline layout, the acquired Instagram, and the new message lay-out.

But none are quite as interesting as their latest venture. Just last week Facebook announced that they have added an app that will help connect users with jobs.

As many have pointed out, it seems to be very similar to LinkedIn. This then sparks the inevitable questions: How does the new app work? Is it going to be more affective than LinkedIn?

How the New Facebook Job App Works?

According to the Facebook website, this app is working with some of the leading career websites including, BranchOut and Jobvite, which allows the app to feature more than 1.7 million jobs. The app will allow job seekers to view the profiles of prospective candidates as well as post jobs for users to browse through and potentially apply.

One of the reasons that Facebook is so confident they will be successful is the fact that they already have so much information about each user. You’ll be able to filter results by location, industry, etc. and find a good match.

So is LinkedIn in trouble? According to Bloomberg, LinkedIn fell as much as 3.7 percent after Facebook’s announcement, and traded down less than 1 percent at the close in New York. However, some are not convinced that LinkedIn has anything to worry about because there are a few holes in the plan that Facebook is trying to make solid.

Facebook Jobs App


Potential Problems With Facebook’s Job App Idea?

The biggest complaint is that people do not want others to see that they are job hunting. Looking for a job can be a private thing, and with Facebook connected to so many people’s personal lives, it’s tough to see this idea having much of a future. A few other complaints include:

  • Some have found that the results are not relevant. Jason Buss of Talent HQ found that typing in a basic search term like recruiter in Minneapolis was turning up results for a document shredder in California.
  • There are typically more results when you go to the actual job board website as opposed to going through this app, and no one quite knows why.
  • You can’t seem to view your connections very easily.

It seems to many that this new app does nothing that job boards don’t already do. It seems confusing and executed poorly, so what’s the fuss?

What About You?
In the comments below, let us know your thoughts on the new app and whether or not you would use it.

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Amanda DiSilvestro gives small business and entrepreneurs SEO advice ranging from keyword density to recovering from algorithm updates. She writes for the HigherVisibility, featured in the best SEO company rankings of TopSEOs.


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