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05/03/2011 by

iPad 2 Compared To Its Competition

Last Wednesday, March 2nd, Apple launched the follow up to the iPad, the iPad 2.  With the launch of the iPad 2, Apple took another step forward in the tablet market. A week prior to the launch, Motorola introduced the Motorola Xoom and entered the ‘tablet market’.

apple ipad 2

Last year Apple created the ‘tablet market’ by introducing the iPad. Since introduction they have sold over 15 million iPad’s and with the launch of iPad 2 they continue to dominate the market. But what makes the iPad 2 so special?

 Mashable created another great infographic, in which they compare the iPad 2 with the Motorola’s Xoom,  HP’s TouchPad and the original iPad. In case you are thinking of getting an iPad 2 and budget is leading the don’t forget to check Ebay. Since Wednesday Ebay, and similar sites, are being flooded with secondhand iPad’s (for less than $300,-).

Apple iPad 2-compared to Motorola Xoom HP TouchPad

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Source: Mashable


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