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25/11/2013 by

M-Commerce Takes Off: See These Stunning Stats (Infographic)

M-Commerce takes off and the stunning stats in this infographic will show you how mobile devices are disrupting the world of retail.

M-Commerce Takes Off: See These Stunning Stats (Infographic) -

With 4 billion people on this planet using a mobile phone, mobile is the next big gateway. The gateway to content, brands, friends, communities and shopping.

No wonder that mobile commerce growth is outpacing traditional e-commerce growth by 200%. In this story we will show you more stunning stats about M-Commerce.

Infographic: M-Commerce Takes Off

Mobile is not second screen or first screen. Mobile is our second brain and consumers really love their mobile devices. See more stunning stats in this infographic from Baynote:

M-Commerce Takes Off: See These Stunning Stats (Infographic) - viralblog

Key Take-Outs and Tweetables

During the many keynotes speeches I have been delivering about trends, marketing, media and mobile, the attendees tell me how difficult it can be to convince their board about investing in mobile.

I thought that above infographic and below key take-outs (tweetables) might be able to help.

– Today, 1 in 10 ecommerce dollars is spent using a smartphone or tablet.
– mCommerce is outpacing ecommerce growth by 200%.
– 63% of consumers say they’ll shop more with mobile phones in the next few years.
– 61% of shoppers have a better experience with brands that offer a good mobile experience.
– For every $1 spent, the avg. ROI for email marketing is $44.25
– 48% of time consumers spend on ecommerce sites is spent on mobile devices.
– 50% of all unique email opens happen on mobile devices (68% of these on iPhones).
– 48% of mobile transactions are made with iPad.
– Tablet users spend 20% more on average than smartphone users.
– Amazon’s mobile conversion rate is 13.5%, avg. ticket $82

My Opinion?

For retail and so many other industries goes: Mobile will be the next gateway.

There are 5x more mobile devices than PC’s in the world and consumers see their mobile phone as first screen or second brain: They really love their device, the content they can access with it and the connections they can create with it.

Invest in a stunning mobile web presence and embrace iOS and Android per tomorrow.

Trust me, you should coin the mobile trend now. Claim your fame.

What About You?
What stats were most surprising or inspiring to you? Where do you see mobile commerce go? Let us know in the comments below.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker is a serial entrepreneur, acclaimed trendwatcher & speaker, marketing consultant and advisory board member at several disruptive media, technology and entertainment firms. Book Igor as keynote speaker, follow Igor on Twitter or contact him via LinkedIn.


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