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04/02/2012 by

Mobile Gaming: State Of The European Market

The Mobile Gaming is still growing, not only in the USA but also on the “Old” continent, Europe. This comes hand in hand with the increasing penetration of smart-phones and Mobile Media.

Mobile Gaming: State of the European Market

These are the findings from comScore‘s report Mobile Gaming: State of the European Market, having a deep look on the details how Europeans use their smart-phones.

First of all it’s about the market share of smart-phones in Europe – the acquisition of new devices . The mobile media population has grown 22% on the year-on-year basis and now there are more than 100 million users. Since December 2010, the smart-phones are bought more often than “regular” mobile devices.

Acquired Device in Month by Type

The battle of smart-phones operating systems share has it’s winners and loosers as well – with the rapid decline of Symbian, rise of Android from Google and almost stable market share of Apple, which has around one fifth of the share.

Smartphone Operating Systems - Trend

When looking on the demographic profile of the gamers and types of games, it’s not surprising that young, heavily male audience plays action/adventure, RPG, sports and first person shooter games.

Puzzles, card games, quizzes and board games attract an older audience and it’s more evenly spread between genders. And musical and strategy games have a younger, more female demographic.

Demographic Profile of Installed Game Users

Mobile gamers are not really “hardcore gamers” but over 25% played a game in the month, what counts for 62 million consumers. But of course there are users that game almost every day, that counts for nearly 13 million users.

Frequency of Playing Games

When it comes to interaction, the in-game ads reach almost 40% of the mobile gamers. In combination with the demographics data, it’s much easier to target the ads to the specific audience.

Methods of Interacting

15% of mobile gamers spend money for virtual goods such as cash, points, tokens or gifts, also to buy upgrades, new game levels and so. The most frequent purchases are for cash points and tokens (almost 50%) and virtual goods on the second place.


Type of In-Game Purchase

And an infographic for those who like the numbers visualized – Geekaphone has taken an in depth look at the numbers and stats behind the mobile gaming industry. However, for sure check the complete comScore report – the link is in the bottom of the article.

Mobile Gaming By Numbers

Do you personally play mobile games and in case yes, which do you like the best? And for businesses – as the market share of smart-phones is still rising, did you consider creating a game to spread word about your products and services or it’s already out there?

Happy gaming!

Sources: comScore – Mobile Gaming: State of the European Market , Geekaphone


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