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02/03/2013 by

Overwhelmingly Reasons Mobile Gaming Cannot Topple Console

Why is everyone in the gaming industry so quick to proclaim that consoles are dead? Gaming consoles have hundreds of advantages over smaller, mobile platforms.

Overwhelmingly Reasons Mobile Gaming Cannot Topple Console

Because they are stationary, they can afford to be bulky enough to contain mass storage and other attractive abilities.

Curious what other reasons there are for staying true to old-fashioned consoles?

Take a look at the leading reasons mobile gaming will never kill consoles:

Ninja-Like Speed

Image via Flickr by Angelo Gonzales

While mobile gaming is a more realistic option for Jiffy Lube stops or traffic, people who have the option to play at home are going to choose the system that offers ninja-fast speeds.

No one wants to buffer endlessly between levels. With gaming consoles people are able to move faster than human vision and load games as quickly as DVDs. There are even methods to improve PS3 speed easily.

Graphics Granny Can’t Appreciate

Image via Flickr by basykes

The precision graphics of consoles are so great that your sweet old granny won’t be able to appreciate the pixel-perfect clarity. Mobile gaming offers graphics that have invariably improved over the years, but which aren’t anywhere near console clarity.

Consoles offer up dedicated video cards, while shared processing units, which inherently lead to subpar graphics, control mobile device graphics.

Screen Size Matters

Image via Flickr by justj0000lie

While size isn’t everything when it comes to cars or houses, it absolutely is crucial for video game playing. Mobile screens cause squinting (and wrinkles!) whereas consoles can be played on your 52-inch monster TV.

Furthermore, high quality television screens are able to better portray clear graphics.

Decibels & Goosebumps

Image via Flickr by srqpix

While a mobile system could offer up a reasonable amount of decibels, your home system should be able to kick the mobile device’s tail. Gaming consoles offer more flexibility in terms of speakers, headphones, amplifiers, and other upgrades, too.

Storage & Play Duration

Image via Flickr by

If you want to play a game that’s too hard to beat over lunch, then consoles offer more options for long-term playing. Also, consoles afford the players the ability to store multiple games, multiple players, and various options and settings that just wouldn’t fit on a mobile device.

Cool Home Comfort

Image via Flickr by ZoboTV

Don’t want to develop a hunchback and blindness? Unfortunately, mobile gaming devices often cause people to hunch forward and squint.

Consoles, however, allow people to sit back in comfortable seating and adjust their large television screens for a squint-free experience

Multi-Player Abilities

Image via Flickr by JP Gary

My Opinion?
If you want an incredible multiplayer platform that allows true interactivity, chatting, voice features, and sometimes even video, then your only choice is a console.

While mobile devices offer some of these features some of the time, consoles can offer every amazing option all at once.

While online casinos like can offer the interactivity players want from games, mobile devices often lack capabilities.

Thus, when choosing between mobile platforms or consoles, people should always consider their goals for gameplay.

Consoles will always have vastly superior features, but they will also continue to cost much more than their mobile versions.

What About You?

What do you prefer mobile gaming or console games? And why? I’d would love to read your opinion in the comments below.

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About the Author

Kristina Jackson is a recent college graduate and a freelance writer. Currently, she is working hard in the hopes of one day having her own highly rated technology, news and media blog.


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