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17/05/2011 by

Skype’s History And Future

As a startup in 2003 Skype might have been considered as another type of a messenger, but with more than 100 million active users nowadays and a year-to year growth in international market share, probably no one doubts its potential.

Skype logo on blue background with a rainbow

After hearing rumors about Google’s and Facebook’s interest in the acquiring negotiations for buying Skype, Microsoft sealed the deal with an astonishing $8.5 billion, which is basically around $1.000 per user.

The question is, if this acquisition will or will not bring a shining and bright future to Skype and its daily users, including all types of businesses – from small, local ones to multinational corporations.

The infographics below made by Focus shows the most important milestones of Skype’s past and also gives a slight insight what are the possibilities in the future.

Skype infographics

The truth is that Skype’s valuation tripled when Microsoft bought it, and through this Microsoft got a popular service that runs on various platforms. It will also probably leverage number of its products to be more competitive and not to forget, put Google Voice service a bit aside.

The cons are that not everyone is in favor of various Microsoft products and many Apple and Unix/Linux users just don’t want to have anything from Microsoft installed on their devices.

May sound a bit exaggerated, but it is so. And also as Igor Beuker wrote a few days ago in his article, it will be interesting to see the effect on various telecoms companies.

Now it’s Microsoft’s turn to present the next steps and assure the users no major changes are planned and their favorite service is up and running.

I cannot help myself and would to finish this post with a joke and a video, both not that much in favor of Microsoft: Microsoft has bought Skype for $8.5 Billion. Why didn’t anyone tell them they can download it for free?

And last but not least, Microsoft please no Skype re-branding.

YouTube Preview Image



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