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08/07/2013 by

Symbian is Out! Now it’s Android Vs iOS Vs Windows

News and critics see it as the ‘Death of Symbian’; as NOKIA announced on June 14 2013 the shipment of its last Mobile OS – Symbian based handset out of the factory.

Symbian is Out! Now it’s Android Vs iOS Vs Windows

Before that, NOKIA had already made it clear to stop using Symbian as the main Mobile OS in its handsets.

The welcome step towards Windows mobile OS based smartphones has already indicated that NOKIA wants to move on, leaving Symbian behind.

The Death of Symbian is Near?

The world mobile and smartphones market has been witnessing huge jumps; rather we can say spikes, in the way technology of technology evolution and adoption in the last 3 to 4 years.

The Death of Symbian is Near?

We have been seeing the best Android tablets, smartphones, iPads, and iPhone with smarter and better OS, Windows smartphones, and more.

In this juncture, it is yet to see how the ‘Death of Symbian’ is affecting the mobile OS arena.

NOKIA to quit Symbian

NOKIA’s almost more than a decade old association with Symbian is something on which volumes can be written. Built on the solid platform of C++, the initial major release of Symbian was done in 1997.


Up to October 02’ 2012 there was much activity happening in the development center, including objective focus on increasing market share of the Symbian-based smartphones segment.

This move by NOKIA is viewed as in many ways in the technology world as –

a) Stronger Relationship between NOKIA and Microsoft – NOKIA is in close tie with Microsoft to integrate Windows as the smartphone OS. NOKIA Lumia started as the first in this category to bring in this combination.

b) Tremendous rise of Android and iOS as the mainstream mobile OSes – Humongous acceptance of Android and iOS and associated increased market share of Samsung (Galaxy Series of smartphones) and Apple (iPhones) are other reasons for NOKIA-Microsoft collaboration.

c) The deficiency of Symbian OS to quickly meet the changing needs – This is true. While Android needs about a year to bring in and make it available any change, Symbian practically takes it 22 or more months to complete it. With such a TaT, it is harder to survive in the present cutthroat competition.

The picture is now also clear that NOKIA can focus more on developing and marketing MS Windows OS based phones, visibly bringing in firm competition among Windows, Android, and iOS.

While Android is almost speeding like a rocket, iOS also has been remarkably gaining market share rapidly and also is being liked more by the new generation of users.

If we talk about association of bigger brands with Android, Samsung and HTC come into picture; and Apple iPhones have their own proprietary iOS.

While HTC is also associated with Microsoft Windows, NOKIA has included its ‘Asha’ series of operating system. Samsung also had for some time tied to its ‘Bada’ mobile OS. It seems that no one is sticking to one operating system.

The mobile phone OS ecosystem is in chaos, which is both inter and intra in nature.

The biggest fight seems to be between Android and iOS. Apple, in the recent WWDC 2013, has emphasized on presenting iOS 7 – world’s most advanced mobile OS.

iOS 7 is promising to give an all-new feature and capabilities to the users – not only iPhone, but also iPod Touch iPad, iPad2, and iPad Mini.

, at the other end is focusing more on introducing variation in the device, sticking to Android as its primary operating system. NOKIA, in this run is trying both.

It has not only made the big move by completely leaving Symbian behind, but also by introducing new handsets and smartphones.

Apparently, the scene now has changed. With HTC and BlackBerry not so aggressively participating in the war, Samsung, NOKIA, and Apple are back into the old fight to retain the number 1 position.

And, this time, the fight is going to be bigger and more intense.

My Opinion
Ideally, with the shipping of the last NOKIA phone with Symbian OS, it not only brings in a competition among Microsoft OS, Android, and iOS, apparently the three major phone manufacturers – NOKIA, Samsung, and Apple are also back in close race.

While the future of the smartphone market will witness stiff competition, consumers are expected to be flooded with humungous choice.

Let me be specific, the ‘Death of Symbian’ may bring NOKIA a new life and back to the fight in the world of smartphones.

May be NOKIA and Microsoft together can develop a new ecosystem – ‘PC – Tablet – Smartphones’ (similar to Apple and iOS).

What About You?
How do you perceive the ‘Death of the Symbian’? Why, in your PoV, NOKIA left its decade old mobile OS? Do you think ‘NOKIA + Microsoft’ will make a great combination? Will NOKIA revive to be the No. 1 ever? Share your ideas.

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About the Author
Mohit Aggarwal is a seasoned blog writer and technology enthusiast. He has been contributing to several blogs on topics like technology, cloud computing, social media, internet marketing, travel etc. for past couple of years.


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