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29/09/2012 by

Toilet Talk: Cell Phone Usage In Restrooms

As it is easy going Saturday, we decided to have a look at something not that serious, but also a habit some of us have: use a cell phone while in a restroom.

Toilet Talk: Cell Phone Usage In Restrooms

We’ve all been there, you’ve eaten a bit too much of your grandmother’s famous southern fried chicken salad and find yourself trapped between the confines of a public place and the forces of nature.

As you rest upon the pearl throne of solitude, you find may feel uneasy and unsure about the sanitary conditions which you’ve been forced into. For these situations, it’s best to keep your mind elsewhere. Luckily, you’ve brought your smartphone with you – the ultimate in toilet time distractions!

Toilet talkers have invaded every stall in America, bringing their private conversations to the most private moments in strangers’ lives. While not everyone is keen to use the restroom while a stranger two feet away chats about marital issues, it seems that no one has a choice.

Find out which mobile phone brand owner is most likely to call you while they’re on the porcelain thrown, and who likes to send work emails from the restroom. Will it be an Android phone or Blackberry phone user? Or another popular phone brand? The next time you head to the bathroom consider taking this infographic with you for some light toilet reading, and become one of 75% of Americans who have already done it!


Click to enlarge: The Toilet Talk Infographic

 Do you use your cell phone while there? What do you do – play games, read email or news…or update Facebook status? 😉


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