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10/03/2013 by

Why Mobile Marketing Should Be Integrated In Every Campaign

You might have heard it before – “This is the year of mobile.” Over-exaggerated statement?

Why Mobile Advertising Should Be Integrated In Every Campaign

But when you look at the facts, including mobile marketing and mobile platforms in a marketing campaign is a must.

At first I’d like to present some, hopefully well known statements about the rising importance of mobile marketing:

Indeed there are more facts, why marketeers have to focus and include mobile, smartphones and tablets in marketing campaigns.

Mobile Advertising and Apps

An important example from running Facebook ads that clearly shows mobile ads are more effective than those placed on desktop – in terms of lower cost per new fan and click-through rates than ads served on desktop.

Why? Mobile ads appear only in news-feed, they look like they are part of it, moreover the user is not distracted by other ads as when viewing them on desktop – have only one to “choose from” and click.

When, of course, properly targeted. And will see what the new Facebook news-feed layout will bring…

Apps are a great way to bring your product across to your audience. But there are thousands of apps deployed every month, thus it’s a must to ensure THE APP not only stands out from the rest, but is also easy to use and have been thoroughly tested. 

Users won’t waste time on an app that does not work or is hard to understand. Interface of an app can take the it among the top ones or send it to the very bottom.

Mobile Marketing and target audience

Responsive layout, optimized mobile pages and content

One of “the worst experience” a user can go through on mobile or tablet, is intentionally clicking on an ad and lead to a site that is not optimized for mobile devices. Hope there’s no need to explain how big a drop-off rate in this case can be.

Investment, and it’s not a big one, into fully optimized web pages, questionnaires and forms definitively pays off. That’s also a reason why one of the biggest domain registrar and web services company GoDaddy bought mobile website builder start-up M.Dot, with which users can quickly and easily build a website through an iOS app.

And the same goes for content and it’s availability through the mobile devices.

Because the biggest tragedy is to invest tens of thousands euros into advertising and not getting a lead just because a few more invested into the page optimization and responsive layout was considered “wasted time and money”.

Make sure you stress out the need of optimized landing pages and content to the client – not only to show expertise but also ensure that in case of mediocre or bad results of the campaign you informed the client of potential hick-ups.

Mobile & Tablet Privacy Concerns

Consumer concerns  and invasion of privacy

Probably the biggest concern of mobile users’ is invasion of privacy and safety of information.

Providers of apps need to ensure they put people at ease with products that are 100% reliable and transparent, because in the end users will find out something is wrong.

And as marketing is about delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time, brands need to ensure they do not intrude with unwanted spam. Targeting is essential to guarantee the message is broadcasted to a relevant market.

The great news is, that mobile is a medium with great targeting options and marketers should leverage its, still hidden, potential.


What About You?
How do you perceive the “repeating of this is the year of mobile”? And how do you/would you approach a “not-so” mobile campaign?  I’d love to read your ideas in the comments below.

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