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28/03/2013 by

Why You Should Consider Mobile Marketing?

Why consider mobile marketing? Allowing consumers using a mobile device such as a mobile phone, tablet or any other platform to view your website is becoming a lot more important.

Why You Should Consider Mobile Marketing?

Research carried out by Mindjumpers, suggested that 4.8 billion people own a mobile phone but only 4.2 billion people own a toothbrush.

Most phones nowadays allow Internet access which means that the majority of these 4.8 billion people will have access to the Internet on their mobile phone.

With the Internet becoming available on so many portable devices, defining a clear and effective mobile marketing strategy is more important than ever before.

Despite this, consumers are still reporting a poor mobile Internet experience with 96% of people Google surveyed saying they felt the webpages they viewed were not developed with mobile devices in mind.

More importantly, the same survey showed that 61% of users said they would be more inclined to buy from a website that was designed for a mobile device.

Start by implementing a click to call button

A ‘call to action’ or ‘click to call’ feature is being used by some businesses where the user no longer needs to find and dial a number.

Why You Should Consider Mobile Marketing? Click to call button

Instead they simply click the call button and the device will automatically call the business.

Research carried out by Kelsey found at that 45% of calls tend to convert into sales, which is huge compared to popular alternative online marketing strategies such as PPC which only converted around 3% of users.

It is commonly known that if you can simplify the sales process, you are likely to increase sales and implementing a mobile marketing strategy will help do this for your online target market.

Some tips on mobile marketing

There are many tactics that you can use and creativity is essential when starting out.

Here are three tips to get you started:

Add QR codes wherever possible

Quick Response codes (or QR codes) were first used in 1994 but have since become much more popular due to the fact that most portable devices with the internet are able to read them.

If you think this could benefit your business, you should include QR codes on all of your offline promotional material such as product advertisements, business cards and brochures.

starbucks-qr-codes-offer - why consider mobile marketing

This allows you to bridge the gap between your offline and online marketing campaigns, and also offers you data about which offline materials are encouraging people to scan the code.

Analyse which pages convert the best

It is obviously important to see which pages convert the best into sales. Use Google Analytics tools to determine which pages convert online and which pages don’t.

As the screens on phones are smaller, some users may want to call instead of filing out an online form.

See which pages result in a phone call and/or sale by using call tracking software that supports the tracking of phone calls made surfing the Internet on a mobile device.

Integrate your social campaign with your mobile marketing campaign

If you have an online business, there is a good chance that you have a social media profile.

mobile marketing in the social media mix

When done correctly, a social media profile can greatly help to increase brand awareness, bring in traffic and Google has also mentioned that it uses social signals to help it rank websites.

Mention your mobile site on your social media accounts to increase awareness of your mobile site.

3 tips on creating a mobile site

Going back to the fact that a good number of users feel the majority of sites are not optimised for mobile viewing, here are some tips to get you started on creating a mobile optimised website:

Remove the clutter

The mobile optimised version of your site should have a minimalistic design as it will be viewed on a smaller screen.

Too much small detail and text will be difficult for the user to read and they will constantly need to zoom in and out of certain parts of your site – very frustrating!

Speed is important

This may not be as much of an issue in the years to come, due to the introduction of 4G Internet connections.

4G high speed mobile internet boosts mobile marketing

However, if your website load times are poor then a user is likely to get frustrated and leave your site.

Some search engines also use the speed of your website to determine how well you are ranked.

Make branding consistent

It is important to have a minimalistic design but the message and feel of your brand should still shine through you mobile optimised website.

When deciding on what content to use on your mobile site, make sure you keep your theme consistent.

What About You?
How did you like this story and insights? What mobile marketing steps are on your roadmap for 2013?

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About the Author
With the competition for the mobile IOS war between IOS, Android and Windows 8 heating up, more people are purchasing a mobile device with Internet access which is why Rashed has been looking into how to get started with your mobile marketing campaign on behalf of eSeller Media. eSeller Media give free eCommerce advice and has been created by the team behind Internet Retailing.


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