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28/11/2007 by

42 Below Vodka

As this is my first post on here I thought I’d start with one of my personal all time favourites.

42 Below is a vodka producing company from New Zealand. The owner, Geoff Ross, started brewing vodka from his garage and managed to turn the company into a world wide success. They are now owned by Bacardi, who spend NZ$138 million on buying the company.

The company shot to fame thanks to its effective marketing. With hardly a budget at all they managed to grab the attention with some very cheeky and controversial advertising. With some very simple photo and video editing tools they managed to create adverts which grab the attention immediately. Their adverts almost look like as if they are user generated, which makes it very easy for people to create spoof adverts and thus further enhancing the power of the brand.

Their most famous advert is one making fun of the British. The British and people from the Southern Hemisphere always like to make fun of each other and 42 Below managed to do this in the simplest, yet most effective manner.

Besides the English they’ve taken it upon themselves to make fun off, or offend as some would say, gay people, indian call centre operatives and Americans amongst many others.

Let’s hope the Bacardi take over won’t ruin the charm of these cheap, start up ads which helped the company to become what it is today. But going by the advert they created for the American market, which must be quite recent due its Britney Spears reference, that doesn’t look likely to happen. Thank you Bacardi!

Here’s a list with more adverts by 42 Below:
42 Below – Chinese
42 Below – Good thought
42 Below – American ad
42 Below – Gay Party


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