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25/10/2012 by

3 Interesting Examples Of Interactive Shopping

You can buy products in a traditional brick store. If a store closed, you can buy them on-line via computer, tablet or mobile and get them delivered to your doorstep. Simple. But here are three nice, creative and interactive shopping examples that take window shopping a step further.

3 Interesting Examples Of Interactive Shopping

adidas NEO Window Shopping

First on the list is a new interactive window shopping concept by adidas. It connects with consumers’ smart-phones making it magically easy to shop at any time without an app or scanning various QR codes. It’s not the first time adidas uses such a concept.
Earlier this year they tested another creative approach, a Social Media Mirror.

The new storefront window, with intuitive interface of the touch-screen, is a virtual store with life-size products.

Shoppers and passer-byes can play, explore, drag products in their original size.

Adidas Neo Window Shopping

When they find a product they are interested in, they can drag it directly into their smart-phone and purchase from adidas NEO on-line.

The adidas Window\Shopping experience is now live at the NEO store at Breite Gasse 46, Nürnberg, Germany and was developed in a co-operation between adidas and TBWA\Helsinki.


PayPal Introduces Europe’s first 24/7 mobile shopping

The popular shopping district of Amsterdam, de 9 straatjes (The Nine Streets), that offers a variety of shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, culture and art is the first one in Europe where you can shop 24/7.

Of course with your smart-phone and checkout with PayPal. Each of th 30 shops has a unique QR code and you need an app which can be downloaded at

After the code is scanned, the customer is redirected to the mobile site with the list of products from the window of a shop. Than it’s about selecting the right color and size and proceeding to the payment, the product(s) are delivered to a desired address later on.

9 Straatjes Kaart  - 9 Streets Map

 And as Amsterdam is the second best city to visit in 2013 by Lonely Planet, I recommend to check out that amazing part of the city while you’re already here.
The only drawback – the delivery takes 2 days, so plan the shopping ahead.


Emart Sunny Sale: 3D QR Code Campaign

One of the biggest retailers of South Korea, Emart, found out that people don’t purchase that much during a specific period of a day – lunch time. And as Korea is a region with one of the highest (if not the highest at all) affinity to QR codes usage, the decision was to leverage this and give people a unique lunch shopping experience.

Emart Sunny Sale

The Sunny Sale which involved a 3D QR codes which were placed across the city and could only be scanned during the hours of 12 and 1PM each day as the sunlight casted a shadow to complete the QR code. When the  code was scanned a person received a 25% discount code for shopping in store or through a mobile e-commerce site.

And the results? The campaign started with 13 3D shadow QR codes placed around Seoul, but later growing to 36 in total. The customer membership has grown by 58% and lunch time sales increased by 25%, when compared with the previous month.


Which of these three examples do you like the most? Have you seen other interesting interactive shopping campaigns or ideas? Would love to read about them in the comments.



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