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10/04/2013 by

3 Plugins That Will Guarantee Faster Email Growth

Faster email growth with plugins? The great content you are creating is the exchange that is done on the internet for the subscriber emails.

3 Plugins That Will Guarantee Faster E-mail Growth

Interesting, a paying system that you have not known about that is already taking place right before your eyes. But you have been disappointed in receiving a fair amount of returns for your payment.

One reason could be the content, which I won’t be discussing in this article. I will talk about having the right plugins at your disposal; the right plugins to spark and grow your e-mail lists to higher levels from the work you put in.

This is where “now” is the opportunity to have a closer look at the excellent WordPress plugins in this article, in order to achieve your e-mail marketing goals.

Faster E-mail growth with WordPress Optin Skin

For example OptinSkin. Grabbing the attention of every new visitor is going to be crucial is instrumenting the growth of your list.

The first factor obviously that will attract new emails is the variety and depth of your content on your blog. Perfect content is crucial since right through the content is that beautifully designed opt-in box that they will see.

Keep your visitor engaged long enough on your content and sure enough that beautifully design subscriber box will pop-up as a slight interruption in what they were reading.

Agreeing to my point, Kissmetrics says this: “However, a great deal is decided by visual cues, the strongest and most persuasive being color.”

Even though we are not talking about deals, that statement made by Kissmetrics can be tagged to what we are talking about in this article with the opt ins we can receive of emails from our fans.

Really looking for a while to receive a great deal of emails from your blog? The top WordPress plugin Optin Skin, has all the design and colors you can imagine.

You can call it the “subscriber box factory” of wordpress.

A literal factory where you can tweak, redesign, pre-made templates, placement, yadda yadda. You get the point.

I own this plugin and from my experience with it, I still haven’t accomplished in using all of its features.

That’s how big it really is.

I want to show you how easy and powerful it is to create your own, unique form in the plugin Optin Skin:

Pick your own design:


Edit the design to your own desire:


Type of service to use:


Placement options on your blog:


PopUp Domination

I am adding plugin PopUp Domination to the list because of this reason: It works in gathering the emails on a level that other plugins don’t.

If you are looking not to miss the opportunity for every visitor to sign up for your email list, the obvious direction to take is to look at this plugin very closely…

You can’t make it more obvious to a new visitor than plastering a huge subscribe box over his computer screen and making damn sure he sees it.

You just can’t with another plugin. If you are one of those bloggers that believe in the notion of having no popups for your blog, I feel you too on this one since it can get annoying sometimes.

But face it, it really gets your attention and the rate of emails you are receiving is higher than normal.

As Dan Zarrella has said: “I found that my signup rate doubled with the popup and there was an insignificant change to my bounce rate.”

Note the word “insignificant” in his statement. This is coming from a respected dude in the internet marketing world.

Here are some great examples of some internet marketers that are having some excellent results, resulting in the use of PopUp Domination…

From Blog Tyrant:


From Famousbloggers:


Comment Redirect by Yoast

Woahhhh, hold up there for a second! That is what you should be saying to every new commentator that comments on your post.

I am not implying to say “Woahhh” in reply to his comment, but in using a strategy to make the commentator not escape so easily after commenting.

Since he has taken the time to comment on your blog, this person is what I call a successful, engaged individual on your blog. Take this opportunity to introduce to him a new page after commenting successfully on your article.

What I mean by that is to create a new page on your blog as the “thank you for commenting page”. On this page, redirect the successful commentator to it and offer him the opportunity to sign up to your email list.

Add a nice Optin Skin form box and encourage the reader to sign up with a possibility of an incentive. The incentive could be a free e-book or a sample of your created product.

This is a neat little strategy that can help you gain more subscribers to your list and one many bloggers out there don’t know about.

The third plugin in this post that can help with the redirection of the commentator is the Comment Redirect by Yoast.

Conclusion to these plugins

I use exactly two of these plugins on my blog.

I am enjoying the benefits they create on increasing the chances of receiving more email subscribers.

Remember, if your email capturing strategy is lacking in more depth or haven’t experienced more avenues with it, there is a good chance you are slowing down your progress of success on your blog.

I use this plugin to automatically redirect a successful commentator and give him a chance to sign up for future updates on my blog.

What About You?

What are your best experiences in faster e-mail growth? Love to read them in the comments below.

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