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01/08/2013 by

Are We Still Catching Attention For Our Website?

In the era of social media, are we all still catching enough attention for our website? Digital marketing might seem a confusing task these days. We hope to bring back the focus on your website.

Are We Still Catching Attention For Our Website?

Getting your website out there is still very important. Not only when you have a webshop or e-commerce platform. Also to build mutual beneficial relations and to grow your opt-in e-mail datasebase.

So website promotion and word of mouth are key factors. Here are some steps that could bring back the focus to our good old websites:

1) Social media is a great way to get “fans” and “followers” of your website. Twitter and Facebook are both websites you should establish your brand on – nearly everyone is connected to those two platforms. Getting “likes” on Facebook will make your brand seem trustworthy.

It’s also worth it to look into paying for ads to get exposure. Another website you should look into is StumbleUpon, which is a really cool tool that brings the user to a random page. If your website gets indexed into StumbleUpon, someone will eventually “stumble” upon it and get interested.

2) “Real life” promoting is another important thing to keep in mind. If your brand is in a specific niche you’re bound to find a trade show or a convention for it. Setting up a booth at a trade show will draw people to your product and then to your website.

You can provide information about the product, and provide demos to show off your product. Make your booth interactive so it’s memorable, rather than just a bunch of information coming at the viewer.

3) Contests and giveaways can tie into trade shows. Giving away your product for free may seem like a loss, but it can be turned into a gain if you make sure to interest the person you’re giving the product to.

Make it competitive – rather than just giving away samples to everyone, hold a raffle or a trivia game and let the winner get to take home your product.

Not only will that limit the amount you give away, people will be interested and if they don’t win, they’ll want to purchase it. You could also give away promotional products from places like Quality Logo Products with your website’s URL on them instead of your actual product.

4) Media promotion such as video, podcasts, or interactive flash on your website will also draw people in. As long as it’s not annoying (don’t you hate it when sites start playing music the second you click on them?) people will be intrigued by them and will make your site memorable. Make them fun and informative rather than boring and to the point.

5) Social Bookmarking on your website enables people to share your website with like-minded peers. Sites like and many others can help you, and tools like ShareThis on your website will help you to spread the word about your business.

6) Content Marketing is a clever way to keep growing your site traffic. Through social media, to feed the beast called Googl, and does your website have a company blog to stay refreshing for users?

content marketing for website promotions

7) Mobile is the next gateway to content, brands, friends and commerce so have you done everything to optimize your website for mobile and touch devices? Do you have all the mobile apps in place? Right now 15-30% of your visitors might go to your mobile site are app.

8) Google should we even mention how important SEO and SEA are to grow your website traffic to the relevant users with a need to meet a product or brand like yours?

9) Open innovation is an engaging way to connect to your targets. The crowd has smart ideas and are you inviting them to think along with your products, brands and more? Look at the example of My Starbucks Idea here to get inspired.

10) E-mail and CRM are very powerful for your website. Would you rather have 100.000 opt-in e-mails or 150.000 Facebooks fans? How about tailored CRM to personalize your website and e-mails to the needs and behaviors of your customers?

My Opinion?
I am a little suprised every now and then how our websites – and all benefits beyond our websites – are being neglected by some of us. Is it the social media fever that causes these distractions?

I see more and more URLs in TV commercials that direct prospects and customers to the brand’s Facebook page. Not to their website. Why does this suprise me?

To connect to all their Facebook fans, brands do have to pay Facebook. Each and every time. Which is not the case if you pull them through your opt-in e-mail funnel.

In this world the so called POE (Paid, Owned, Earned) value chain could be reversed, flipping the funnel: OEP.

Start with owned media first. Definately leverage your website. Next go to earned media in all the forms you can (buzz, pr, outreach, influencers, blogs, SEO, etc).

And when you have the O and the E 100% covered, spend as much as you can on paid media.

What About You?
These are only a few ideas to bring back focus – but how do you promote your website?

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About the Author
Igor Beuker was CMO at 3 listed companies, chairman at the IAB, jury member at Webby, AMMA and Esprix awards, founder of 3 digital agencies (sold to WPP) and global chief social officer at Mindshare. Now he is freejack consultant and still a sought after keynote speaker.


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