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28/10/2011 by

Why CMO’s Can Forget New Top-Level Domains?

Internet naming is changing. After an era of Top-Level Domains (TLDs) like .com or .net and Country Code Domains (CCDs) like .nl or CMOs might be pushed to apply and manage a broader portfolio of URLs in diverse TLDs…

New available Top-Level Domains will bring opportunities for brand owners, firms and organizations. Some examples? Category TLDs: .bank .jewellers .sport .film .gay and .shop

Place TLDs: .nyc .london .barcelona and Brand TLDs: .nike .redbull .canon

Why do I think that CMOs should be relaxed about new TLDs, and why they certainly should ignore some of the hysteric goeroes that have called the new TLDs “one of the biggest changes on the Internet in a decade”.

A brand TLD will have very little value, unless it is used heavily in marketing campaigns – it’s the marketing that creates the value — not the domain name itself.

Next, Google is also favoring large brands in its organic search results, so it’s already discounting other TLDs that belong to squatters or small businesses. That means that brand TLDs will offer very little SEO value.

Last but not least, more and more brands are not longer using their .com domain in their messaging, they advertise their Facebook domain in TVCs like:, etc.

So stressing CMOs and giving them a headache about new TLDs? Aggegrated and hysterical nonsense if you ask me. I do hope that CMOs will worry more about their Internet, CRM and Social strategies.

Some CMOs still have not invested in building mutual beneficial relationships with their consumers yet. Those brands will drop tremedously the coming years.

They will see their clients leave which will entitle them to run even more ad campaigns. Wow, entitled to advertising, pretty old fashioned. Invest in your owned media channels, would be my advice.

And to some of the online goeroes I would like to say: Keep your head cool. New TLDs are certainly not one of the biggest changes on the internet. Blogs are. Online video is. Social Media is.

Please share our readers your thoughts on new TLDs…

Want to know more about TLDs? Read 9 Things You Need to Know About ICANN’s New Top Level Domains at Mashable.


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