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25/10/2010 by

Advertising Strategy: What Should Google Do?

What Would Google Do? is an exceptional book by Jeff Jarvis, that captures the massive changes the internet is effecting in our culture, in marketing and in advertising. But I doubt if Google really has an advertising strategy, so what should Google do?

I have been following Google closely, visited Zeitgeist in Mountain View in 2005 and many other events. And off course all developments on YouTube. And I must admit, I love the Google company for its DNA and passion for innovation.

However, the Google approach with its intrusive online advertising tactics (so very thin, I can hardly call it strategy) on YouTube is becoming a bit pathetic.

Looks like Google will need to hire several strategic marketing, media and advertising seniors soon, to be able to make a necessary frog leap.

Schmidt, Page and Brin could and should have invented a smarter and less intrusive advertising model by now? We know Adwords, great success.

Be we also know that YouTube struggles since day one with advertising, and the new approach with pre-roll commercials, video overlays and supersized leaderboard is is really not the way to go….

Instead of inventing dead-end advertising models, Google could focus, leverage and capitalize ‘customer persona’, loyalty and customer relationship management a bit more. Since it might be needing that sooner than expected.

Why this wake-up call? Since I’ve got the feeling Google has become the short stay, in-and-out vertical search engine (grab a quick snack in the fast food shop at the corner) and Facebook the destination and engagement platform (fancy restaurant where people dine for hours with friends). See an old article about that here on ViralBlog.

After Google Wave, Chrome and the lack of smartness on social search releases, I started to doubt Google’s vision.

Why? Because Google’s core business, the Google search engine, today still only shows you their full library (a few 100 to 1000 results and too many irrelevant websites) if you have done a specific search query. And that output should simply be much, much smarter by now, its almost 2011 gents…

Because what would you rather see? That Google shows you a bucket full of websites, or would you rather just get in your first 5 search results the websites that are top rated by your most trusted peers? Would save you a lot of time and would offer you great convenience, right?

If you need some help to understand Google’s roadmap and mission better, check the infographic: A decade of Google acquisitions.

I do hope to see much smarter strategic steps in the very near future, invented more by marketing and business consultants and less by techies and developers.

And please don’t be shy to share your Google vision with our readers. What improvements do you see?


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Igor Beuker
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