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29/07/2012 by

Create New Content – FarFromHomePage

People are creative, some on their own some need tools or platforms to show their creative spirit. All build own worlds on the Internet, but unlike the real world, on-line you can’t grab anything and work with it.

Far From Home Page - The First Site For Creative Browsing

And as there are tons of music, videos, sounds, photos, websites, and more available, all that is needed is a tool to work with all this. The good news is, there’s one on the way!

Two Berlin-based entrepreneurs – Manuel Scheidegger and Janosch Asen are developing a revolutionary technique that is changing the way people browse the Internet.The name? FarFromHomePage.

With the tool users would be able to simply grab any content on-line and mix it into something new. This can then be shared with others to sit back and enjoy or actively browse. Viewers, for the first time, have the choice of leaning back and watching web-content mixed together like a movie, or they can dive inside and browse whatever catches their eye with a simple mouse-click.

The two call this process “Creative Browsing“. Their idea stems from a bold vision: a web rebuilt by people, where you don’t surf with tabs or boring blue links, but through creative projects catered to your interests. And here’s a quick video introduction of the FaFromHomepage project:

Manuel and Janosch, however, ran into a wall when looking for early-stage capital in Germany for their startup. Although many have deemed their prototype “disruptive”, the risk-averse German investors have explained they only want to fund a final product and unfortunately, today, FarFromHomePage only is still an early prototype.

But with the recent addition of an American to the team, the Berliners have come up with a creative solution: They are now heading to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to not only raise money, but also to find creative users for their tool.

FarFromHomePage - Creative Browsing

What can the tool be used for?

With the tool you will be able to make so many types of creative projects. Below are some examples that we have come up with, but how the tool can be used really depends on the person. We’re excited to see how you all will use it!

  • Remixes: mix videos, songs, and other things on the web that you love together.
  • Music Visual: cut and edit web-content to browse through while you play a song you like.
  • Presentations: use the tool to build dynamic presentations, whether you’re presenting something at school or at a conference.
  • Jokes: combine animated gifs, videos, and other types of content to make short jokes for your friends.
  • Web Tours: share some sites you visited, articles you enjoyed, and other online content in a more interactive way.
  • Personal Projects: present your own content from around the web (your blogs, music, videos, etc) together in one stream.
  • And More! This is only the start. Help us think of new ways to use the tool.

The founders explain, “Our tool was built for creative people, and Indiegogo is one of the only crowdfunding platforms where entrepreneurs and creatives meet to share their passions.” Naturally, the team decided the people on Indiegogo were perfect to help them turn their prototype into a finished product.

“It’s a tool that lets you remix your web, your way. We think of it as an iMovie meets a web-browser”

explains Scheidegger.

And what the creators say about their tool:

Also have a look at some of the use-cases made with the FarFromHomePage.
(Sorry, you might encounter bugs on some browsers/systems as it’s just an early prototype)

Burning Man - FarFromHomePage  Bing Pong - FarFromHomePage  My Favourite Songs - FarFromHomePage

Tough Week - FarFromHomePage  Day At The Beach - FarFromHomePage  Earth And Sun - FarFrpmHomePage

Like the idea and the prototypes? I really do, looking forward to see it up and running!

If you you’d like to find out more about the FarFromHomePage project, have a look at the official FarFromHomePage web site or check Indiegogo and show some support!


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