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15/08/2011 by

London Looting Olympics: Social Disruption?

Great Britain’s riots AKA London Looting Olympics, have disgusted all sane people. However, following the news and debates, I’m not really sure whom to call sane. And I doubt if I will be able to speak “Great” Britain in the near future…

But some insights and ideas, shared by Britain’s politicians, have disgusted me even more. And believe me, I do understand the political pressure, especially with the London 2012 Olympics ahead.

And I do understand that the roots of these extremely complicated problems could be a mixture of poverty, social disruption and greed.

But I do not understand what’s Great, about Britain’s current political approach towards the riots and the riot clean-up…

Is it smart that politicians have started to bash the police, in front of all media? That seems more like a very unprofessional cover-my-ass strategy, in a not so very polite way? Did the police ask for the riots? Did the police or the politicians put their lives on the line?

In the current debates, members of parliament seem to point their blaming fingers to almost all stakeholders around them. But ladies and gents please take a look at your hand again: when pointing your finger in any direction, did you happen to notice that 3 of your own fingers are pointing back at yourselves?

So parliament, maybe, just maybe it’s time to demonstrate some responsibility and accountability as well? Pointing and blaming is not really part of the needed solution, right?

And if you keep shouting that all riots were led by greed and criminal behavior, not by social disruption or poverty, will this clean your balance score card?

Greed and criminal behavior is what a select “sane” group of top-class people in Britain have given back to society the last decade. Greed and fraud from high-level executives at several banks, investment and insurance companies pushed Britain into the biggest crisis since World War II.

All people in Britain have read about this top-level greed and criminal behavior. And what did politicians do about it? So I’m all for putting the looters behind bars for a decade, or two.

But I find it pretty ignorant and very cowardly, to neglect the fact that greed went top-down, and not bottom-up.

So my dear politicians, if it’s about leading by example, you will have to learn a few lessons here. Your country might need a different approach.

Maybe parliament, you can fix some of the social disruptions by looking at the social behavior of many of your citizens? Because I’ve seen some social and collective wisdom by citizens lately, that makes me feel a bit proud of Britain.

And if I see more of these campaigns, I could probably even be speaking about “Great” Britain again.

Web campaign raises $50,000 for 89-year-old barber hit by London looters. Read the full article at Digital Trends.

How about the social online collection for victim Ashraf Haziq, the donation pages (now closed) raised £23,000 in no time. See this site or below video.

But leading by example, I do not think we should expect that from the current political approach. Their approach has really disgusted me.

Proud I am of the social approach by citizens. They showed some real power to the people and wisdom of crowds.

So please share more collective ideas that are helping the victims of the riots in the comments below. We’ll donate to them equally. And hopefully you will do the same…

Sources: Photoshoplooter, Riot Cleanup, Mashable and many more.


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