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23/06/2011 by

OMG! Google Reaches 1 Billion Global Visitors?

comScore May 2011 data shows that Google (their sites) are the first web property to surpass 1 billion unique visitors globally. Microsoft (their sites) were the second largest global web property with more than 905 million visitors, followed by #3 Facebook (single site) with 713.6 million uv’s.

In June 2009 we predicted that Facebook would reach 700 – 800 million unique visitors by 2012, that seemed pretty accurate.

In that same article we also predicted that over 50% of Facebook’s daily visits in 2012 will come from a mobile phone. That might be just too early, but keep watching: Facebook mobile is booming.

In April 2008, we did another forecast on the rat race between Google vs. Facebook: Cafeteria Google vs. New Restaurant Facebook.

It’s nice to look back at forecast and predictions, but we would rather look ahead again.

Google hitting 1 billion is amazing. Facebook is amazing too.

If you had to put all your money of Google or Facebook, what would be your choice and why?

Source: comScore


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