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02/06/2013 by

Samuel L. Jackson, Reddit And Alzheimer’s Disease

You may be wondering what Samuel L. Jackson, Reddit and Alzheimer’s disease have in common?

Samuel L. Jackson, Reddit And Alzheimer's Disease

Does Samuel L. Jackson have Alzheimer’s disease? And he announced it on Reddit?

No, he doesn’t, he did not announce it on Reddit, but there is a connection and even more. But first things first.

On Thursday Samuel L. Jackson posted on Reddit “I’m Samuel L Jackson and I’ll record a video of me saying any 300 word monologue you upvote the most by the end of tomorrow(Thursday night PST)

Samuel L. Jackson Reddit

And of course with an obligatory proof, bad muthaphukka way:

Samuel Jackson Reddit Prizeo

As written, he cooperates with a non-profit organization Prizeo, raising money for Alzheimer’s Association. How did this, kind of insane idea, go? Within a few hours people donated more than $70.000 and that was not the end yet.


Not sure if people wanted the second monologue or highly appreciated Samuel L. Jackson’s effort to raise money, but soon they broke the $100.000 and currently it’s over $150.000

And what about the promised monologue? Samuel delivers:

The Winning Samuel L. Jackson Reddit Monologue Muthaphukkas!

The video was uploaded on 31st of May and got more than 1 million views in just 2 days! A second monologue should be added today, hopefully with the real monologue submitted by a Reddit user.

My Opinion?

I love this approach and as I wrote a few week’s before “there are only few weird and/or crazy enough brands that I can imagine doing a great campaign on Reddit“.

I couldn’t imagine Alzheimer’s Association doing this kind of fund raising.

It’s insane, unconventional and awesome at the same time.

And it works!

You can donate too and also win a lunch with Samuel L. Jackson and luxury weekend, still three days to go!

What About You?
What do you think about this campaign and Samuel L. Jackson’s involvement?

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