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14/08/2012 by

Why BuzzFeed Launches Viral Radio Show?

BuzzFeed surprised the industry and its fans by launching a weekly viral radio show on satellite radio station Sirius XM, last Monday. Here you can learn why “a curating viral content for the web company” may fit radio better than you’d think.

BuzzFeed is a leading social news organization that detects and distributes trending web content, with over 20 million unique visitors a month.

And why wouldn’t BuzzFeed extend its reach and relationships with viral content on other channels like radio? Just read along to get the why

How did the partnership between Sirius and BuzzFeed start?
Sirius approached BuzzFeed about a show, after noticing that Sirius hosts were already using a lot of the site’s posts for fodder, according to Ben Smith, editor-in-chief at BuzzFeed.

And although social media and radio initially seem worlds apart, BuzzFeed became confident that its material would translate well. The impulse to react and share is common to radio listeners and web surfers, according to Mr. Smith. And commenting on a post and calling in to a show are “similar emotionally engaging experiences,” he said.

“BuzzFeed Radio” also continues a strategy that Sirius has employed since its inception. “If you look at the history of our content, it has been about finding content that is out-of-the-box for traditional audio media,” said Scott Greenstein, chief content officer at the satellite-radio company.

That has meant partnering with magazines such as Cosmopolitan and personalities including Bruce Springsteen and Eminem. More recently, however, Sirius decided that social platforms around the web were providing an untapped resource for radio.

For BuzzFeed, the weekly hour on Sirius provides an opportunity to promote its brand among Sirius’s 22 million subscribers, Mr. Smith said. “BuzzFeed Radio,” hosted by BuzzFeed editors Jack Moore and Whitney Jefferson, will discuss the week’s big viral hits, explore how they were created and share reactions to them.

The show will air live on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. EST and play again Wednesday mornings and evenings.

Sirius will also air “BuzzFeed Shorts” across a variety of its channels, featuring “WIN,” “LOL” and “WTF” moments -labels that web users apply to posts on BuzzFeed’s site.

For more information and sample audio clips, visit

Why do I believe in BuzzFeed Radio?
I certainly believe in: Content is king, distribution is queen and metrics is the emperor. And I think it’s pretty disruptive and non-linear thinking by BuzzFeed.

If you already detect and distribute viral content across a user base of 20 million fans, why not extend reach and relations by hosting a viral radio show?

Next we have been writing here about why TV and Social Media are being happily married.

If you peoples passion could be a brand’s key to consumer’s broken heart, passion for a topic or passion for certain content should be leading insights in channel planning. So I do believe in viral radio and social TV channels or Facebook TV a lot.

Old vs. New Media or Old AND New Media?
The difference between old and new media? The internet is uncontrolled and offers people global recognition and trust. People can scale their ideas and share them with the community of people with the same passion AKA like-minded peers.

And with the help of viral content that are already powerful weapons of mass affection on the WWW, both BuzzFeed and Sirius could extend its reach and relations massively.

The crowd shines a light on the brilliant ones among us and desire (social status) will do the rest: There are so many people out there that would like to reach their global community of like-minded peers.

Participation is crucial, being part of the phenomenon is also the key driver to gain crowd accelerated innovations and new content. But partnerships like this will probably need the DNA of a social business to leverage these insights.

New media mostly thinks linear, whereas traditional broadcasting companies have legacy and tend to think non-linear. So two thumbs up for this partnership.

If you BuzzFeed guys are at WPP Stream Athens again this year, we should have a few beers while listening to the viral radio show.

To be fully transparent, we at ViralBlog have been hosting the top 5 viral videos every week in our format Viral Friday. And we’ve been doing that since 2007.

We are also talking to a few large publishers and broadcasters, to refresh our format and to extend our reach and relations with this viral format.

What About You?

Please tell our readers your thoughts on BuzzFeed Radio, or share similar smart content syndication partnerships in the comments below.

For more trends follow Igor Beuker on Twitter or join the ViralBlog movement on Facebook, it’s fun!

Source: AdAge and MarketWatch.


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