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13/12/2011 by

Will Airline KLM Launch Social Seating In 2012?

Airline KLM has the DNA, drive for innovation and disruption to qualify as social business. They go beyond campaigns, claim activities, and add relevancy and pieces of value to the lives of individual travelers. Will KLM launch Social Seating in 2012?

In a nutshell; social seating will enable KLM passengers to match their neighbor on their upcoming flight. How does that work?

During the online check-in process flyers can pick a seat next to somebody they might know from Facebook or LinkedIn. It could fuel speed dating on short flights, or relevant business meeting with peers during long flights…

The social seating service will be introduced in 2012 KLM admitted. It might even be in the beginning of 2012, but that’s just whispers from our sniper network.

We are pretty sure social seating will be perceived and rated as “a very smart and relevant service”, especially by the frequent flyers.

Is this the first social seating service? No. Giant Ticketmaster added location info and matching to its booking engine earlier in 2011 with its Interactive Seat Map, which lets you locate where your Facebook friends are sitting in a theater.

Why do I think KLM is qualifying for the status being a social business? Well I will give you some examples how KLM is claiming activities. And is adding relevant services and pieces of value to the lives of their individual travelers.

KLM Travlr is a search tool that helps people to discover holiday destinations.

The Travlr content is based on aggregated content and crowd sourced content. Next the content is curated by a community manager. It offers people smart, relevant and social results.

And since social will be the new normal soon, who would like to pick a holiday destination that is not recommended by like-minded peers?

How about KLM’s ability to do social media monitoring and tapping into real-time conversations on Twitter? KLM Fly2Miami all started with a Tweet.

Fly2Miami was not just claiming an activity or adding relevancy. KLM’s approach added a real piece of fun, entertainment and value to the lives of music freaks.

And by doing so, I can assure you, KLM has pulled many fans through their funnel, towards preference, loyalty and advocacy.

You probably do not even need a brand tracking study to do the math at Fly2Miami. And if you doubt it, here’s where we let CMOs discover their social VSPOT.

In this ViralBlog article you will be able to read more on KLM’s community and social strategies. The article reveals insights about KLM’s Club China, Club Africa, Flying Blue Golf.

In that same article (mentioned above) you will also find info and links to KLM’s first social campaign Fly For Fortune and Stop The Hassle.

In 2011 KLM has invested lot of time, money and people to launch an extended social media marketing unit. A team that Always Listens First. A team that translates real-time actionable insights to business opportunities. So to me KLM is on the tipping point of becoming a social business soon.

We hope you will share your opinion in the comments below: What will be the next brand that will qualify as the next social business in 2012? And please tell us the why as well…


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