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27/03/2011 by

Happily Married: Neuro Science And Marketing

How does our brain enable us to perceive the world around us, how do we link memories from our recollections and how do we act upon these memories or observations?

neuro marketing

Rocket Science? Not really… we see it everyday!

Imagine that you can find out what makes your consumer tick; discover their “buy-button”. This will empower you to tune-in your products and services seamlessly to the needs of your consumer.. no more trail and error and wasting money: you can have the most effective way of marketing.

Neuro Science is a medical field and should it merge with marketing? The fringe between science and commerce is thin and if the big marketers find out where and why we make our decisions they could misuse this power.

Daily Life
All big webshops already use neuro marketing and it is extremely easy to set-up. You can start right now. Take a look at this infographic on colours and how they influence our decisions.

marketing neuro colours

Several studies have shown that colours can increase brand recognition up to 80%.
Let’s take a small test. Tell me what colours you think of when I say: Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Barbie, Shell Petrol and Woolworths? Let me guess: red, purple, pink, yellow/red, and green? Obviously colour helps your brand to be easily recognised and remembered.

Within Neuro Marketing we can find three areas:

Scientific: how do consumers make choices between products and brands and how our memories influence these decisions. No so much the practical side but through scientific research. find the case of Coke vs. Pepsi HERE

Commercial: research agencies and universities use techniques such as Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging; basically making brain scans and looking at the reactions of consumers to advertising campaigns.

Psycological: find out how a consumer reacts to advertisements by facial coding. This goes by the hypothesis that we can read emotions immediately of someone’s facial expressions.

A fad?
So is neuro marketing another gimmick and a new attempt for advertisers to find a new approaches to gathering consumer opinion? Time will tell. In the mean time we can all start using it on our own level!


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