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11/05/2013 by

Gentology: Celebrity-Curated Fashion Shopping Club For Men

Recently Gentology, a celebrity-curated fashion shopping club for men opened its virtual doors. They offer cool apparel, gear, and accessories recommended by NFL and NBA stars.

Gentology: Celebrity-Curated Fashion Shopping Club For Men: Paul Pierce NBA star

We have been writing about content creation, aggregation and curation here several times before.

Remember our story on 22 Tracks? The music platform curated by

So why not apply the same curating principles to fashion e-commerce?

Gentology: Fashion Curated by NFL and NBA Stars

Gentology is a rather new website, with their Alpha launch in December 2012. The platform focuses on the next wave of e-commerce built around a new model of celebrity-focused engagement and entertainment.

Gentology: <em>Paul Pierce NBA Star</em>

Gentology: Endorsed by NBA Star Paul Pierce

The attraction stems from the fact that the content is purely powered by stars from the sports and entertainment industries such as NFL and NBA players and musicians and television personalities.

These ‘Insiders’ scour the web for their favorite products including accessories, apparel, electronics, art and even food and drink.

Connecting Celebrities To Shopping Men

The Gentology concept connects visitors with not only the brands but also the celebrities themselves, giving the site a unique proposition and an edge above other e-commerce sites that simply sell.

The content also includes celebrities explaining why they love the product further increasing its appeal and giving users a sense of shopping with the star through an exchange of opinions and tips.

The team behind Gentology has promised to be adding dozens of celebrities to the site who will curate from hundreds of products.

For their initial launch, they are offering products from a few of our faves: New Orleans Hornets guard Greivis Vasquez and bacon-loving YouTube cooking sensation Epic Meal Time.

Gentology: endorsed by Epic Meal Time

Bacon-loving YouTube cooking sensation Epic Meal Time on Gentology.

Discover Gentology here.

My Opinion?
I like curated platforms, especially the 22Tracks way.

Although Gentology is not yet at the 22Tracks level, it might have potential if they attract the right celebs and stars.

Certainly if the stars will also be able to create a See, Like, Buy experience from their social channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, their blogs and other channels.

If Gentology is able to integrate their social commerce platform into the channels of their endorsing celebs, it could be a future success.

Being one of the first sites to use this celebrity powered model, I expect more versions to be out soon. One for women?

Or similar curated platforms from other industries than music and fashion.

What About You?

How do you like the Gentology idea for men? What other cool celeb-curated platforms should our readers know about?

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About the Author
Igor Beuker was CMO at 3 listed companies, chairman at the IAB, jury member at Webby, AMMA and Esprix awards, founder of 3 digital agencies (sold to WPP) and global chief social officer at Mindshare. Now he is freejack consultant and still a sought after keynote speaker.

Source: Forbes.


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