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25/07/2011 by

Happily Married: E-Mail And Social

It is like putting together an intrinsic open person with a person that is intrinsically closed. However; the two put together is magic. We can safely say that opposites attract.

in this article I will be talking about the benefits of e-mail and of social. Next i will give tips how to set-up this marriage and how to make it prosper. Are you leveraging your opt-in database?



Let’s summarise some benefits of the two media seperately.



  • open circuit
  • credible and trustworthy
  • good for networking
  • branding
  • lead generating
  • real time feedback
  • reputation management
  • competitor analysis
  • direct contact with your peers


  • closed circuit/ privacy
  • disperses information quickly
  • reach large audiences
  • removes spatial barriers
  • cuts costs
  • documents business agreements
  • can add attachments
  • keeps an electronic record
  • highly measurable
  • targeted marketing


The easiest benefit of social media integration is in the social marketing tactics: it boosts your Social Media Efforts and improves your email campaigns. Lyris conducted a study and that proved marketing results improved due to social media integration.

Integrated e-mails; build awareness, create higher engagement and increase the open-rates. It feeds the exchange of ideas andcontent and it makes your loyal customers into brand ambassadors.

What are the most popular platforms in Social Integrated e-mails?

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIN
  4. YouTube
  5. Company Blog


E-Mail + Social = stronger customer relationships.
E-Mail + Mobile = different messages  and increased local opportunities (mobile is due to smart-phones a great second screen).
Permission + Value = use the one channel to drive interest to other.
More time with your audience, locking them in.
You can also use it to expand your opt-in e-mail database.


Tip! Keep communication short and sweet and find out to collect more data but keep number of interactions needed to a low.

Consider before you start
– One database for all media (digital CRM)
– Having the same people manage all the channels
– Privacy concerns per platform and audience
– Content Creation
– Community Management
– Follow us links in e-mails
– Sign-up forms on Social Channels


I believe that when we combine the two together we can leverage our marketing initiatives to new heights. When you attach a smart Social DCRM system to it; you will be able to give your customers the information they need and you can drive engagement and stay compelling and learn how to create the right content.




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