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18/03/2013 by

Social Help Desk: Relationship Revolution (Infographic)

Why another social help desk story and infographic? Because we believe in mutual beneficial relationships between consumers and brands.

Social Help Desk: Relationship Revolution (Infographic)

The most relevant question in social media marketing seems to be: What’s my ROI?

But, is it the right question, knowing it is coming from brands that tend to see that social media is only suited for finding new customers?

In what social media bible did you read that social media’s only purpose was to stick your ads on them? Have we ever considered thinking beyond extending our reach?

Social Help Desk, Social CRM & Social NPS

Most brands with “real” customers (like banks, energy companies, insurance and telecom companies), have understood the power and value of customer service or customer care.

They have “known” customers and thus invested in Social CRM. They also know their NPS by heart.

Other companies with indirect customers (Pepsi, Dove, Samsung) are less on NPS and certainly low on CRM. They have “unknown” customers.

Maybe social ROI for many brands is about the relationship revolution?

The social help desk may turn out to be a game-changer in the ongoing relationship between businesses and their customers.

This Salesforce infographic visualizes that data in a pretty nice way:

Social Help Desk: Relationship Revolution (Infographic)

As customers increasingly turn to social media sites for customer service, the social help desk lets you respond in real-time to meet the evolving customer definition of “now.”

Why a Relationship Revolution Starts with DNA

YouTube Preview Image

I do understand that the social helpdesk is only part of the relationship revolution. Not only a part, also a good start.

Same for Social CRM and NPS. Needed to win the revolution, or the battle for your long term customer relationships.

Customer Data The New Oil

Consumer data is the new oil

Brands that want to take the next step towards becoming social by design will need to think beyond campaigns and reaching people via social media channels.

Leading brands like Amazon have been shining their strategic lights on how to switch from reach to relationships and how to transform unknowns to knowns.

And yes, even Coca-Cola, not a very customer and CRM driven brand by its nature, clearly understands that is must get to know its consumers.

Coca-Cola also understands that their 60 million fans on Facebook are still unknown, as long as they don’t pull them through their own funnel.

Indeed, Facebook owns the data and pot of gold. Facebook knows who the 60 million fans are, not Coca-Cola.

And if Facebook might decide to pull the plug from Coke’s fan page, Coke has Zero. I am not referring to their black product.

So Coke has started to pull their Facebook fans through their own (or owned) funnel, straight into their own Social CRM (opt-in) database.

Why is that important?

My Opinion?
Brands have embraced CRM now. Also the non CRM driven brands with unknown customers, formerly known as Coca-Cola.

Companies like Amazon, Nike and Coke have already embraced Social CRM and discovered the power of owning their own consumer profiles.

And leasing consumer profiles from Facebook, not very smart in the long run.

Facebook might be pulling the plug from your page if they want to.

Or Facebook might charge you for interacting with your “own” fans. Oh shit, wait. They are already doing that to you!

Be aware, Facebook and Google are media-companies, masquerading as technologies.

My Closing Thoughts on the Relationship Revolution?

CMOs can lead their brands towards a better, more profitable and more predictable future. Simply by embracing Social CRM and Social NPS strategies.

The economic value of one relationship? Now that is what marketing will be more about. Any doubts? Not need to.

We have all promised our shareholders a sustainable business and growth. And your CEO will love you for making his company more predictable.

Trust me, it’s an easy pitch.

Last, putting social at the heart of your business is a smart strategy.

In that context, the social help desk could lead you the way to the relationship revolution.

What About You?

Why do we have so much trouble building bridges between old and new marketing ROI? Our readers would love to read your opinion in the comments below.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker was CMO at 3 listed companies, chairman at the IAB, jury member at Webby, AMMA and Esprix awards, founder of 3 digital agencies (sold to WPP) and global chief social officer at Mindshare. Now he is ‘freejack’ consultant and a sought after keynote speaker.

Source: Salesforce Desk


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