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07/12/2014 by

69% Of Content Sharing Happens Beyond Big Social Networks!

Ain’t assumptions the mother of all fuck ups? Well how about these actionable insights: 69% of online content sharing happens beyond the big social networks.

69% Of Content Sharing Happens Beyond Big Social Networks!  By Pro Speaker Igor Beuker

A new study by RadiumOne shows us that the vast majority of online content shares occurs on private, dark social channels, like WhatsApps, e-mails and forum posts.

Content Marketers: Think Beyond Big Social Networks

Private sharing channels accounted for 69% of online shares globally in October 2014. For comparison, Facebook accounted for 23% of online shares during the same time period, while other social networks accounted for just 8%.

69% Of Content Sharing Happens Beyond Big Social Networks!  By Pro Speaker Igor Beuker

However, private sharing channels yield much lower engagement rates than Facebook or other social networks.

Facebook accounted for more than three-quarters of clickbacks, a measurement of shared links that are clicked, in October, while private sharing channels accounted for just 16%.

Online sharing channel preference varies according to age. Almost one-half of users 55 or older only use private channels for sharing online content, compared to 19% of users between 16 and 34.

Here’s a look at the percentage of online users who only share content through private channels by age group:

69% Of Content Sharing Happens Beyond Big Social Networks!  By Pro Speaker Igor Beuker

Key Learnings of the RadiumOne Study

– 84% of people share content online globally
– 32% of people who share content online will only share via Dark Social
– 69% of all sharing activity takes place via Dark Social globally versus 23% via Facebook
– 36% of Dark Social sharing takes place on mobile devices globally

Download the study here.

My Opinion

Content marketers should look beyond the big 5 social networks, and include the dark channels and mobile.

Dark Social is the primary form of consumer sharing globally. Advertisers and publishers have an exciting opportunity to harness Dark Social and short URL sharing to understand consumer interests and intent to act on the insights in real time.

The result is significantly improved ROI of social media and digital marketing investments.

Advertisers are achieving impressive results from harnessing and activating Dark Social data to engage with audiences outside of their owned media properties.

So to CMOs and their teams: When working on content marketing, you should let go of your your assumptions and work evidence-based. Data will lead you the way.

Jay-Z would say: Fade to Black!

What About You?
How will you implement the actionable insights in your content marketing strategy? I’d love to see your ideas.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker is pro speaker, author & awakener. Valued as one of the leading independent and outspoken voices on emerging #marketing #media and #tech #trends. Book Igor as keynote speaker or invite him to be part of your show.


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