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16/04/2011 by

Could KLM Travlr Become Your Travel Advisor?

With its permanent presence on the web, its very successful campaigns and activities in social media, KLM is doing great and have proven they know how online marketing works.

KLM is now taking it further with the launch of a new tool at the beginning of April: KLM Travlr. It is a bèta-version with the main purpose to collect feedback, but we can have a good impression of how it works and how it can be improved in the future.

With KLM Travlr people can find a holiday destination in a different way. It is an online searchtool based on your interest and budget. The result exist of uploaded user generated content from others. Different places on a big worldmap will pop up. The social media channels where the user generated content is taken from are Flickr, Wikitravel, Google Maps, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube.

The locations are clickable and when you do this a page with background information about the destination, pictures/movies, a map from the area and the possibility to book a flight to the closest airport in that area will appear. The result is sharable through different social media channels like Facebook, Hyves and Twitter.

There are a few notes though. Search results are based on tags made by others which sometimes gives messy results. We also think travelblogs should be included: people make decisions based on other people’s experiences. Even more when these people are your friends.

Only KLM flights can be booked now, but this innovation can be very interesting for local restaurants, shops, musea and hotels in the future too.

We are very curious to see if this tool will become more than an inspiration tool only and will take it a few steps higher with delivering complete travelplans with user experiences, tips, places to go to, accommodations, fancy restaurants or trustable companies to rent a car. KLM can become a travel advisor with its search tool. This approach offers KLM great new opportunities!

We are curious to see how other CMO’s will respond in the near future. Will more CMO’s spend a little chunck of their media budget in order to create a powerful and organic growing owned media channel? What do you think?


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