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21/05/2012 by

Don’t Ignore Customer Service In Social Media

Companies and their customers were never before so close as they’re nowadays – always connected through mobile, Wi-Fi and e-mail. Moreover it’s easier to compare products, prices, services and offers from competitors and even though all these information is available 24/7 – sometimes it’s not that easy to choose.

Don't Ignore Customer Service In Social Media

What really makes the difference between the products and services? For some it may be the price, other care more about the design and features. But at the end, when something somewhere goes wrong and the product or service does not work or is defect, the sad customers contact customer service

And here fun begins…

Social media is amazing, brings real-time communication and many opportunities to brands. When done right. Some companies still perceive it as a marketing tool and don’t link it to customer service. Even better, they disable comments on they Facebook fan page, really taking advantage of social media!

I recently read two interesting articles that I’ll quote, the sources are at the bottom.

First fact: between 5% and 20% of all complaints to many organizations are made through social media. What are the marketing people working for brands thinking? That this will decrease? With 900 million people on Facebook, 120 million active accounts on Twitter (and counting)? No way.

So, customer finds out that something is wrong with the product or service, but knows that “shit happens”. As he/she is a busy person, but always connected, thus googles for company’s Facebook or Twitter. And even though these channels may not have been designed for customer support, the message is posted.

Remember, we’re all living a busy life, right? Perhaps the next step is that the community manager(s): a) ignore b) overlook c) don’t bother

Pick one reason or add another.

Integrated Social Media Customer Service

At the end, there’s somehow frustrated customer, that will contact you via e-mail or call. Or won’t but make sure he/she will probably be pretty unhappy about you. Also forget about recommendations, even thought you have extraordinary product, great package and awesome marketing. But your customer service in social media sucks.

This won’t happen?

Second fact: 70% of customer complaints on social media are ignored.

So something somewhere does not work properly. And what can businesses do? Incorporate customer service in their social media strategy and don’t offer it just because it is a must (well, it is a must) but because a brand can offer great and exceptional customer service.

It really matters and can distinguish your products and services from competitors. And not to mention recommendations and positive buzz.

Third fact: 80% of survey respondents indicated that they went to social media to engage with a brand over an issue but ended up never making a purchase because of a lack of quality service.

My Opinion?

Customers are looking for information about products, seek answers. So provide them with these also through channels and communicate, as it’s the fundamental of social media.

People make mistakes and it’s easy to overlook something when there are hundred thousands Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Than it’s not that difficult to get some social media tool in place that tracks all the communication coming though social media channels, assigns importance and much more.

Make sure you have the proper one that will suit your needs for social media customer support.

What About You?

How is customer support being handled in your company and which tools do you use and would recommend?




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