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23/09/2012 by

Social Content – How To Make It Great?

There’s an old phrase worth remembering when creating any kind of content: Show don’t tell. And social content is no exception.

How To Make Your Social Content Great

Brands want to be present on social networks, and that’s nice. But in many cases they face a problem, what to post and share. Because content is the fundamental part of social media. Want to know how to make it great?

There are several approaches to content creation and 919 marketing states:

There are three ways.  Choose one.  Be funny.  Be emotional. Or Be Extremely Helpful/Informational.

Even if in this case it’s about content becoming sticky, in my opinion it’s almost the same. Sticky, sharable content has to be great content, something people like to see and later share.

  • Funny is defined as anything humorous, goofy, random, “meme-ish,” or topically hilarious.
  • Emotional, as used here, is defined as anything cute, passionate, emotion-inspiring, beautiful, etc.  Basically, anything that makes you feel SOMETHING.
  • Helpful/Information is defined as a selfless contribution to growth, whether intellectual or otherwise.  So guides, how-tos, and data would fall into this category, among other things.

It depends on what a brand provides to consumers, but admit it, this is no rocket science.

And another hint for the concept, which is fairly simple: whenever possible, communicate your point with a visual direction. What works best?

  • Images – entertaining, informing, and eliciting emotional responses in a format that is eye-catching
  • Statistics – information that is short, quantifiable, and memorable
  • Quotes – from famous, relevant or influential peopl that make people feel good and more connected with the content
  • Humor – social-media should be a source of relaxation and entertainment for many and content that makes your followers laugh will also make them want to share the humor
  • Tips – immediately recognized as valuable

As images work the best, the infographic below created by Lindon East is a very nice resource to help marketers start thinking about what consumers and potential clients want the most when they follow brands on-line.

5 Steps To Make Your Social Content Great

Click to enlarge: Infographic - How To Make Your Social Content Great

Do you agree? How do you create a content for your social media channels and what works the best for your brand or for your clients? Do you follow this process or have a different approach?



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