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08/12/2008 by

Iran: A Nation Of Bloggers

Liberty of speech isn’t a common good in every country. Take Iran as an example. Talking about your visions or feelings is not allowed in all cases. Especially when its about subjects such as politics, human rights and love.

What will happen if you give these people – who share a strong feeling of communicating about forbidden topics – the tools to spread their words and visions on sensitive topics?

With the usage of blogs, microblogs and social networks, people are able to spread the word on any topic. By real name or even anonymous.

Especially the last way gave the youth of Iran the inspiration to share and collaborate thoughts topics that couldn’t be discussed in previous times.

The video essay below is about this phenomenon. “Iran: a Nation of Bloggers” was created by students at Vancouver Film School.

Iran has 70.000.000 residents from which 50% is younger then the age of 25, which is a huge amount of youngsters (to make a quick comparisation, in the Netherlands this percentage is somewhere below 30%).

Most of these youngsters in Iran disagree on many visions from the government. With the current state of technique, its easy to collaborate and join forces against the force they don’t want to support.

A nice quotation I found on the web about this video:

“Blogs allows many Iranians access to ideas and freedom of expression they haven’t had for close to thirty years.”

The blogpopulation has grown tremendiously in the last couple of years. At this moment, there are about 700.000 weblogs in Iran from which 100.000 weblogs are active. This number makes Iran the third largest blogging country.

The current technique makes it possible for people to have a voice and share their thoughts and opinions
. In this case, the crowd felt the need to share these thoughts. Sharing thoughts and visions in the digital space will become a natural thing eventually.

Blogs and social networks are becoming a popular place to conversate. These contexts won’t be holding just conversations about Iran’s government and political issues.

People will talk about your brand in digital spaces as well if they disagree on your product or service!

Sources:, GlobalVoices,


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