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29/03/2011 by

Looking For Consumer Dialogue? Try Trialogue!

A great trend is that organisations are focussing on consumer dialogue and that their Agencies are helping them to build a open conversations. But is that really what you should be focussing on?

Being truly social means that your organisation has a dialogue with her audience, but also feeds the trialogue. If you think you own your brand, think again!

Most of us who have looked into the art of being effective, has probably read the 7 habits of highly effective people. Becoming an interdependent person is one of the prime-goals you want to achieve when being really effective. Interdependence basically means that all participants are emotionally, economically, ecologically and/or morally self-reliant while at the same time responsible to each other.  I’d like to recap it to having a relationship where all participants add value. So I think it is time to turn your organisation into one.

Self Reliant
When you turn your organisation into one that people feel connected to they will go to extraordinary lengths to promote, endorse and even defend your promise. Make sure that you give your fans qualitative content, that the message is in the right context and continuous, ultimately making sure everyone can be connected with one and other. Your audience will take the information they need, and share it with the people they feel fit. They will also translate your promise in a way that fits their receiving party. This will feel like losing control, but you will be creating personal-ownership to all your internal and external stakeholders.

In one of my earlier blogposts, I focussed on the state of mind our audiences can be in and how their profile changes during their journey. It is impossible for an organisation to think that they can have a relevant dialogue with all their targets all the time. However our targets actively engage with each other continuously. So why not empower them to do so.

The president of the USA faced a challenge that he wanted to help everyone to hear his message and to be able to understand his point-of-view. No amount of money or time would give him the power to do so; so how did he pull it off? Check out this SlideShare presentation!

He set up a community, that was connected, continuous, had great content and in the right context. He empowered people to carry his message,  although not everyone was agreeing to what he had to say; ambassadors could help people rethink their disagreemens by showing them another point of view. This was achieved by a trialogue! Who would you believe faster? your direct peer or an organisation telling you?

Growth Comes From Within
Social Marketing does not start with media, it starts by transforming your organisation. This means it is time to rethink, re-imagine and time to sharpen your saw!

So don’t only focus on having a conversation with your audience, but empower all your stakeholders to be interdependent.  Rather focus on your Brand an Business Objectives and start by Listening to your stakeholders, Engaging with your audience and finally Distributing your promise.


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