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20/05/2009 by

Oprah: Next Rising Star In The Social Universe

We have been writing frequently about Obama’s social connectivity program and his extreme social marketing skills. But TV icon and media mogul Oprah is the next rising star in the social universe. What can marketers learn from Oprah?


Oprah has a great looking portal, which offers community features, a digital newsletter and a membership program were people can become an Oprah Insider.

Oprah is also very much into eCommerce with her O Store, eCRM and loyalty programs. So were many brands still doubt if they need an opt-in e-maildatabase with CRM and loyalty program, TV star Oprah goes way beyond GRP’s.

In November 2007 we already announced the opening of Oprah’s YouTube channel. But Oprah’s hunger for social media marketing has entered a new stage…

People interviewed in the Oprah TV show are frequently interviewed through Skype. Oprah at least mentions Skype twice in every TV show!

At there is the book club and serious brands promoting themselves with banners like Walmart and Tide.

And sponsored links and advertorials; like the special KFC Meal Coupon.

Off course offers subscriptions to O, the Oprah Magazine or donate your money at Oprah’s Angel Network.


Next back to social marketing. After the Oprah YouTube channel, Oprah opened a Facebook page, where people can get updates and a chance to be part of the Oprah TV show.

But the social adventure still does not stop here. Grab the official widget for The Oprah Winfrey Show where you can get what’s on this week and the latest updates from The widget has 1,274 installs and over 80 Million views!

Oh and off course Oprah has a Twitter account. Within 28 days Oprah went from 0 to 1 Million Twitter followers, says TechCrunch.

So if brand managers still do not believe that digital marketing and social marketing is all about having an Oprah or Barack Obama DNA, I rest my case here today. Oprah and Barack do not reject new technologies and innovations but embrace them. Simply because Oprah and Obama have understood the always connected lifestyle of her target audience.

So to brands and media agencies that are still not convinced about unleashing the power of social marketing, take a good look at Oprah and Obama. And by the way: Paus Benedictus XVI also has a YouTube channel.

Oprah on Youtube

With i.e. YouTube channels, Facebook pages or viral widgets also brands can reach millions of people at very low (or no) costs per contact! A bit more money into creativity or technology can increase reach drmatically, at very low costs per contact. And can increase Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA) significantly.

And most brands should not yet challenge these statements. Since they simply have never even tried a brand tracking study on their digital marketing campaigns. And the ones that have not even tried it yet, should not spread their opinion based on just “their own assumptions”…


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