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19/05/2013 by

Reddit’s Secret Plan For World Domination

In case you never heard of Reddit, it’s the highest time to open your ears
(and eyes).

Reddit's Secret Plan For World Domination

This week Reddit’s new sales and strategy boss, Mike Cole sent an amazing advertising deck to Simon Dumenco from AdAge.

And the deck is nothing you’d probably seen before from a media representative…

Short introduction to Reddit?

A forum-alike social network with basically all kinds of topics you can think about. And beyond. The variety of sub-reddits is really astronomical and I doubt you would not be able to find what you’re looking for.

From the advertisers’ point of view, and even though being universe on its own, this platform has a huge potential, the trick is to know how to approach it. Maybe this marketing field guide will be helpful.

And as mentioned earlier here, Reddit can be the incubator of viral brand stories.  When looking at the stats, 70 million users generate around 5 billion page views.

Yes, 5 billion.

Reddit's Secret Plan For World Domination

As the grumpy cat says, Reddit is not the Holy Grail for marketers. But it’s a great place where a conversation can be started, with the right tone of voice and in well chosen space.

Also, it’s not for every brand, I highly recommend to have a look at the sentiment and discussions before campaigning on Reddit. And what will you get?

Here’s the awesome deck, featuring unicorn, cats, and a great numbers about this platform.

Some key facts?

  • 70 million users
  • 5 billion page views
  • average Redditor spends 20 minutes on Reddit
  • and visits at least 3 times a day
  • Did you know that Reddit has the world’s largest gift exchange?


Reddit’s Secret Plan For World Domination

My Opinion?
Personally I love Reddit, found a lot of interesting information there, had great laughs and spend there more time than an average redditor.

From marketer’s point of view, there are only few weird and/or crazy enough brands that I can imagine doing a great campaign on Reddit.

I recommend to give it a try, warning though: highly addictive!

What About You?
Are you a redditor as well or never heard of this platform? Can you imagine advertising campaign for your client on Reddit? Our readers would love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

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Source: AdAge – Armed and Dangerous Unicorn-Riding Cat To Help Reddit Gin Up Advertising


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