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08/07/2009 by

SMM: The Body Mass Index To Obesity Brands

We all know that overweight or obesity is a very serious cause of health problems throughout the world. Weight or threatening overweight is distinguished by BMI: the Body Mass Index. But how many brands suffer from obesity and need to lose weight in 2009?

I do believe that a quick “campaign” alike diets will not help brands in the long run. Many brands do need to change their behavior starting, at their mentality or DNA. At least, if they want to keep up with modern digital consumers.

Why? Because digital “third-hand” consumers (formerly known as clients) are no longer “kings”. Brand marketers around the world should understand and accept that consumers have become the worse case scenario which I call: dictators.

They are in control, they run the show, the tell brands what to do…

What point am I trying to make to so many brand marketers that I speak with at events?

Your shouting and overpromising advertising campaigns will not bring digital consumers in the direction of your sales funnel any longer!

You can keep shouting, but if you want to be here in 5-10 years, you will also need to start listeting to your target consumers AKA people (I do not like the word consumers much, since they are people that do way more than consuming in their lives).

So brands need to engage consumers, listen to their feedback and ideas. Why? Because your brand is no longer yours, its theirs!

And if you share your brands and products with consumers, ask them to think along or to improve it, you will eventually create loyal customers that will tell their friends about how satisfied they are about being your customer.

So to get a better understanding, I created a new chart to measure brand’s BMI based on a brand assessment within social media.

Its a fictional BMI, but with a very serious message in it. The message is that a quick diet will not offer the needed help in the long run. A structural change of DNA is really needed.

Consumer brands with a BMI of 18.5 (or less than 18.5) and a neck thinner than 25 inch are at low risk.

Brands with a BMI of 25- 29.99 and a neck less than 25 inch are at overweight and thus at increased risk. Brands with a BMI of 25-29.99 and a neck greater than 25 inch are at high risk.

Consumer brands with a BMI of 40 (or higher) are extremely obese and at extremely high risk. I uploaded this new BMI chart, measured by a brand assessment within social media. But please read along, I will explain what it means…

My idea or “method” was developed by a 0 measurement. With our conversational tracker technology we looked at the consumer ratings and reviews within social sites about the brand. We also measured the number of conversations about the brand and if consumers reviewed the brand positive, neutral or negative.

Next we looked at how brands anticipated on the ratings and reviews about their brand. So the DNA of the brand; is their neck’s thickness. So which brands are more likely to react or neglect their consumers ratings, reviews and comments?

Thin necks
see the importance and do react rather fast and authentic. Thick necks are arrogant and do not really care, or do not take approriate actions.

I’m afraid most brands do not even know what is being said about them online. They are sick but don’t even know the symptoms. They do not see the power of reputation management and stick to their PR clippings- a number of copies from newspapers made by their PR agency.

We mostly learned that the danger for brands, hardly ever lies in the fact that they are rated and neutral or negative. It’s the brand’s DNA that decides what level of risk is involved. Brands that are consumer focused and have the DNA to be open and listen (thin neck) have to ability to change fast.

Brands that have a thick neck and are not willing to listen, have a wrong mentality and DNA. They will not be able to listen or change. Thus they will neglect consumers and will endanger their health within 1 year.

Some examples of a brand assessment sessions I did within the social media space, to make my brand’s BMI chart more clear and definitely more tangible. Here we go…

Dell performed rather well in the US and EMEA. But Dell had severe image problems in Asia: bad ratings and reviews within the social space. And I am using an understatement with the word “bad”.

So in Asia Dell’s BMI was rated at 35-45: obese to extremely obese. So Dell was at level very high risk to extremely high risk. But Dell has a very thin neck (way under 25) and the DNA to act and react fast.

Dell launched several smart social marketing and consumer connectivity programs to improve it’s brand equity. If you want to read more about Dell here, hit keyword “Dell” into our search box.

Starbucks for years was an extreme fast growing brand and retailer in the US. It’s brand image was superb. But a few years later Starbucks declined to “too expensive coffee” and it’s brand image and intent decreased severe.

We could say extremely obese. But Starbucks had a thin neck and the DNA to open up to their clients. They opened up Starbucks MyIdea and are working hard to improve themselves. To read more, hit keyword “Starbucks” into our search box.

But we’ve met many brands that are not willing to listen. They only want a quick diet to fix their problems. They think they can get rid of their problems by launching another campaign. Or would like to bribe some bloggers to get a quick fix.

We are sorry dear brand marketers, a quick diet, another shouting campaign or bribing a bunch of bloggers or buzzers will not fix your problems. You’ll really need to change your behavior and understand that it all starts with mentality and DNA.

So, to build long term brand equity, you’ll need brand programming and a social marketing strategy. Another quick hit and run campaign will not change your eating behavior.

Getting rid of obesity needs fundamental changes, not a quick diet.

I do think though, that there is hope for some brands out there. Visit a doctor and get that brand reputation scan. You need to know how good or bad your brand’s health is.

And if you are an obese brand, I hope you can find the power to overcome it.

But you need to be able to understand it’s a serious problem. And that you will need to work very hard to change your behavior. Not for a few weeks, but for a very long period and you can not fall back into your old rhytm.

And if you think I was trying to make fun of obesity- sorry NO I was not. We have several obese people in our familiy. And I am aware of their painful struggle.

Do I have the solution for obesity brands? No their is no cure. There is a program though, that will be able to help brands. I call it- SMM program. Develop a Social Media Marketing strategy with specialists. And make sure to implement this into the DNA of your company.

This will only work if your company has the right mentality and DNA to make that change throughout your whole company, into each and every layer.

But this will have to start top-down to make your SMM program successful. To make a change it needs to start at board and management of the company. And sometimes the most disconnected people are in the board.

So open up your board room windows. It will give you fresh oxygen to refresh your minds. And when the windows are open anyway, look outside and try to grasp what’s really happening in the world around you.

Put aside your old bevahiors and assumptions and free your mind.

And okay, here are the links to previous items I mentioned about Dell and Starbucks here at ViralBlog.

If you need help, grab it…


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