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24/12/2008 by

Social Media Predictions For 2009

Some of the smartest social media strategist gathered their thoughts on predictions of social media for the year 2009 in an easy to read PDF. What will the future bring according to these thought leaders? In this posting some of the highlights of this document and the predictions in social media according to a blogger of ViralBlog.

Click to download the PDF.

First, lets take a look at the document itself. In this document Joseph Jaffe, Jeremiah Owyang, Charlene Li, Andy Sernovitz, David Armano and many other social media strategist share their predictions. Read on to see what they think what will happen in the upcoming year!

Ecommerce goes social – Jeremiah Owyang
Recommendations will come from the inner circle of social contacts, even on other websites. New techniques will make it possible to see reviews, experiences and critiques from people you actually know and trust.

Rise of the MoSoSo – Joseph Jaffe
MoSoSo’s (Mobile Social Software) are going to be big! The line between on- and offline will fade away slowly so location based tools combined with mobile are going to be huge.

Reaching the spectators – Todd Defren
Brands will become more aware of the fact that social media doesn’t only reach the influentials of the digital space, but also less active users that view blogs, but don’t write them theirselves – the spectators. These people will become more aware of the information available on social platforms and will slowly start to engage and interact with this information.

So what are my predictions? I think measurement will become a powerful aspect in social media in 2009. Tools like ViralTracker, Attentio / BuzzLogic and other conversational and measurement tools in social media will become a standard for both large and small companies. With these tools, ROI will be possible to track and bigger companies will be more likely to invest time and money in social media.

Social media will grow in general. Social networks like Facebook, MySpace and local networks will expand even more and become active places for people to hang out in digital space. Mobile tools – such as iPhones / SmartPhones – will make it easier to communicate virtually anywhere. Social networks will become the hubs of digital communication. The amount of spectators will become much smaller and people will become more active in general.

What are your predictions for social media in 2009?


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