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16/10/2013 by

The Rise Of The Social Media Profession (Infographic)

Experienced C-level social media experts are hard to find, and their salaries are on the rise. Check this infographic with exclusive data from LinkedIn.

The Rise of the Social Media Profession (Infographic)

In March 2012 I wrote this story with infographic: Social Media Jobs & Salary Guide for CMOs.

End of 2013 even more brands recognize the need for savvy communicators who can evangelize their brands, gather community input, and advocate for the customer through social channels.

So where is this trend taking brands?

Rise of the Social Profession: Infographic

Have you seen this infographic from our friends at offerpop? Great and actionable insights created with exclusive data from LinkedIn.


The research shows that job postings for social media roles have grown a whopping 1300% in the last three years. And they saw a sharp increase – from 883% to 1357% – in Q2 2013 alone.

Another interesting learning: 42% of social media positions are senior level. Brands see that success in social often takes a seasoned marketer’s expertise.

Here’s one more stat I loved. There are 5.3 million LinkedIn endorsements for social media skills. This signals that social media is more than one person’s job. It’s embraced across organizations to start conversations and drive business.

My Opinion

The last decade all Mad Men grabbed their smartphone to work on their e-mails when the data analyst entered the stage at a conference.

However, in the era of Math Men, (big) data analyst might well become one of the most sexy and well paid professions across many industries the coming 10 years.

On social marketing expertise at brands, I have shared my bold opinion more than frequently here.

Smart CMOs hire experienced, C-level social media experts to increase the sophistication in their marketing – from brand, product, technology and innovation – so they can manifest their ideas into metrics-driven complex integrated campaigns and online – offline environments.

To be able to become a successful social business (not just a brand that runs some kind of intrusive social ads), CMOs need to hire strategic planners, insight driven strategy directors, innovative thinkers, creative and editorial wizards and social experts.

How will this integrated team work? Just watch this Gatorade Mission Control video.

YouTube Preview Image

Your role being the CMO? Tear down the Chinese walls and silos, create an integrated SWAT team on one open floor and next orchestrate it.

My closing thoughts?
1. Big-Data. May the Math be with you? Marketing used to be an art, now it is a science. Welcome to the era of Math Men.
2. Be nice to nerds. You might end up working for one. Quote by Bill Gates I happen to love…

What About You?
Your CMO, how will he or she be connecting the dots? Let us know in the comments below.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker is a serial entrepreneur, acclaimed trendwatcher & speaker, marketing consultant and advisory board member at several disruptive media, technology and entertainment firms. Book Igor as keynote speaker, follow Igor on Twitter or contact him via LinkedIn.


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